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a serviceman in the artillery

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There's no question it exudes a pungent sulfuric smell (a property that early clerics were quick to take notice of in their condemnation of cannons and cannoneers, equating the reek of brimstone with things diabolical), produces copious quantities of white smoke (a real drag on the battlefield) and leaves considerable fouling, which can affect loading, accuracy and cleaning.
As soldiers, they are cannoneers, forward observers, tankers, and scouts.
Fire support Soldiers would fill the positions as mortarmen, similar to 13B cannoneers, and mortar fire direction centers' (FDCs) Soldiers would be staffed similar to the 13E MOS.
Last year Disney also added a virtual reality version of its famous Pirates of the Caribbean ride, in which patrons act as captain and cannoneers to blast away at other ships in a quest for treasure.
However, the road collapsed at a chokepoint, trapping the howitzers, and fire from Chinese on the adjacent high ground forced the cannoneers to abandon their vehicles.
Three or four cannoneers had been shot at their posts and several wounded, and every shot of the enemy was dealing destruction on either man .
How the Jefferson Lady Cannoneers Drill on their Defense-to-Offense Transition Situations
Frequently cannons burst when they were fired, resulting in the deaths of many cannoneers and shortening not a few foundry careers.
The shows will feature a lineup of local artists from each region, including The Breax, The Inheritance, Soup, Brian Buckley Band, Cannoneers, Open Source Rebellion, Play For Keeps Modern Science and Fortwentydaze.
Fire Mission: American Cannoneers Defeating the German Army in Worm War II.
Thanks to the generosity of a group of undisclosed private citizens known as "The Cannoneers," the Presidio took delivery of and fired its newly acquired, solid bronze, Verbruggen-style cannon, believed to be of the type used 250 years ago.
Maples, the Army's senior field artillery combat developer, said the "team is on the right track to bring the world's greatest ground combat vehicle ever to America's cannoneers.
Guests work together as captain and cannoneers on the action-packed, five-minute journey that culminates in a final showdown with Jolly Roger and his Ghost ship to defend their pirate gold.