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a serviceman in the artillery

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I was excited to participate in that event, remembering the place as it was in the 1970s when I was a Loomis' Battery cannoneer.
Mailer's "The Defense of the Compass," pages 134-144, an early and almost completely different version of "The Meaning of Western Defense" in Advertisements for Myself (1959) 067a: VIEWS OF A NEARSIGHTED CANNONEER.
0811 a Field Artillery Cannoneer Direct ground combat primary
Seymour Krim, Views of a Nearsighted Cannoneer (New York, 1961), 21.
He fought in the war as a British sailor and cannoneer for six years before he was seriously wounded during an engagement with a Dutch vessel.
The amateur cannoneer didn't get his horn up quite fast enough, and when the blast went off, his jet-propelled mute shot between the rows of woodwind and viola players, striking the conductor dead-bang in the belly and knocking him into the audience.
The proviso on the copyright page of Tales reminds us that "The events and people described herein are fictitious"; however, this romp of a memoir takes place around the time that the critic Seymour Krim, in Views of a Nearsighted Cannoneer (1961), argued that novels "show a closer, more realistic, more explicitly truthful and personal view of existence" while "real life" veers toward fiction.
Give me the cups, And let the kettle to the trumpet speak, The trumpet to the cannoneer without, The cannons to the heavens, the heaven to earth, 'Now the King drinks to Hamlet.
Barriffe's eponymous artillery man was an habitue of an artillery garden, not a cannoneer.
Bill was a member of the "Greatest Generation" as he served during World War II in the 196th Artillery Field Unit of the United States Army as a cannoneer at the age of 19.
Surveying the terrain with a common-sense eye - and subtracting in my mind the modern houses and landscaping - I couldn't help but wonder at the folly of the repeated Union charges, which caused one Confederate cannoneer to famously remark, "A chicken could not live on that field when we open on it.
He declared that the 1FAB troopers are not only expert cannoneers but also experts in doing civil-military operations such as medical and dental civic action program, tree planting and other community-related endeavors.
They call it a Polish army, but look at these fusiliers, these sappers, these cannoneers and grenadiers