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a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon

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BOSTON -- A rusty, pitted cannonball that may have dated to the Civil War-era was detonated on a Boston beach hours after it was discovered by a fisherman.
Kevin Nixon, 29, of Tynemouth, in North Tyneside, took his five-year-old son, Joe, especially to see the human cannonball.
The forces found a Katyusha rocket, a cannonball and two mortar shells in a region between al-Amarat and al-Qataa regions," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Local diver Nigel Patterson has given the Friends some cannonballs he's retrieved from the Redcar seabed and it's proposed to put them on Gunner Smith's grave.
He said: "This could have been the first use of cannonballs on a European battlefield.
The human cannonball actually stands on a movable platform tucked inside the bottom of the cannon's chamber.
During the era of the nation's independence, live oak was used extensively in shipbuilding, providing a stable, thick hull that was practically impregnable by cannonballs.
Now it is not just the lack of amenities and nosy neighbors the siblings have to contend with, but cannonballs falling through the roof and soldiers/looters trying to knock down the door.
Officers found 14 of the 16lbs cannonballs under a barbecue at the man's home in Westbourne, West Sussex.
Even the earliest known examples of the genre were contrived; American Civil War lensmen like Matthew Brady and Alexander Gardner weren't above scattering a few cannonballs or moving bodies to more dramatic settings.
In this documentary we also meet the Smiths from Missouri, who have made being human cannonballs their business.
when British cannonballs appeared to bounce off the thick wooden sides.
Traditional methods have been used by a Shropshire industrial museum to produce more than 150 authentic cannonballs for Lord Nelson's famous flagship, HMS Victory.
Later owners of the mine got wise to a planned robbery of their silver, so they thwarted the would-be perpetrators by casting the metal in 700-pound cannonballs.
Like human cannonballs, her Ringside dancers hurl themselves at each other in Bounce, narrowly missing midair collisions.