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a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon

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The blueberries were initially regarded by alien theorists as actual cannonballs and with it a crazy theory as to why Mars has become a dry and barren planet we know it to be now. 
He said police told him: "Someone had been cleaning out a garage in the village and found two "cannonballs", and they came to do whatever they had to."
GTWHI said one of the cannonballs measured about 10cm in diametre, while the others, resembling canister shots, measured between 3cm and 6cm in diametre.
The Soldiers assisted the Pittsburgh Police Department bomb squad to transport the cannonballs to Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa., where they determined the best method to dispose of the cannonballs.
BOSTON -- A rusty, pitted cannonball that may have dated to the Civil War-era was detonated on a Boston beach hours after it was discovered by a fisherman.
Kevin Nixon, 29, of Tynemouth, in North Tyneside, took his five-year-old son, Joe, especially to see the human cannonball.
"The forces found a Katyusha rocket, a cannonball and two mortar shells in a region between al-Amarat and al-Qataa regions," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
He said: "This could have been the first use of cannonballs on a European battlefield.
London, June 10 (ANI): Astronomers have detected evidence of a new clutch of tiny, dense galaxies, dubbed 'cosmic cannonballs', which thrived in the early Universe, and are nowhere to be seen today.
About the only danger these human cannonballs don't need to worry about is surviving a cannon explosion.
Perhaps Lilies and Canonballs Review with one 'n' would have been a more appropriate title for this literary journal because it does not contain any cannonballs at all, but only more of the same canon fodder.
/ Grass vests the dirt lest wind, twanging the skyscrapers // that merely sleeve the elevators, as we go sleeveless / except for the atmosphere, file it under "oceans." // Recalling the equations derived for ballistics- / aiming cannonballs is not like squaring lintels, // and skyscrapers are all lintel.
During the era of the nation's independence, live oak was used extensively in shipbuilding, providing a stable, thick hull that was practically impregnable by cannonballs.
Now it is not just the lack of amenities and nosy neighbors the siblings have to contend with, but cannonballs falling through the roof and soldiers/looters trying to knock down the door.
Officers found 14 of the 16lbs cannonballs under a barbecue at the man's home in Westbourne, West Sussex.