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a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon

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The course was changed slightly from its original 57-mile route due to levee repairs in Missouri and the race itself is part of the Mississippi Levee Series that will conclude with another Cannonball Ride in Sauget, Illinois, on Feb.
This cross-section of a cannonball shows the shot inside, which was once capable of inflicting death or terrible wounds and still may be equally lethal today.
Dropping back to arguably his optimum trip, Cannonball should take plenty of beating, with Jessica Harrington's Grandee the obvious threat on his best form, but needing to bounce back from a poor effort here last time.
Caption: Adam Ziegler, 17, found a cannonball fragment, which had been shot from a Spanish cannon in 1601.
The divers found the cannonball and thought it should go next to the cannon, which was found at the same shipwreck site.
Sponsor Don O'Neil of Manhattan Popcorn said: "This year the iconic Cannonball Run movie is 35 years old so we have plenty to celebrate.
Cannonball, a well-known name in the international musical instrument market, is as home-grown a company as they come: Its co-founders came up with the idea in the kitchen of their Utah home and continue to be based here even as it has expanded abroad.
MANILA -- TOTAL Excellium were proud sponsors of the recently-concluded Cannonball Run Circuit 2016, the country's premier motoring endurance event.
After a number of other actions and reactions, a human cannonball performer was launched 90 feet across the arena to a safety pad--demonstrating just how important math and physics are to the spectacular feat.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- A huge cannonball which is believed to be from the World War II, was found at a park in Russian capital city of Moscow.
But for one Liverpool girl, this was the reality when her sister fled to America in 1960 and joined the Barnum Circus as a human cannonball.
Eye-witnesses told of the moment that sparks from a blazing cannonball shot from the world's largest working siege machine landed on the thatched roof of the boat house on Friday.
BOSTON -- A rusty, pitted cannonball that may have dated to the Civil War-era was detonated on a Boston beach hours after it was discovered by a fisherman.
The artwork--a canvas titled Cannonball by Estonian artist Anton Vill --was wrapped around the building's rooftop water tank in fall 2014.
They produce 17 beers: |Ringmaster, Rapture, High Wire, Dark Arts, Cannonball, Human Cannonball, Ringmaster NZ, Rock Star, Bearded Lady, Magic 8 Ball, Carnival, Clown Juice, The Big Top, Simpleton, Dancing Bear, the Great Alphonso and Un-human Cannonball.