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Synonyms for cannonade

to direct a barrage at

a concentrated outpouring, as of missiles, words, or blows

Synonyms for cannonade

intense and continuous artillery fire

attack with cannons or artillery

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Although a cannonading duel began early, it wasn't until 10 a.
We have had wild wind and rain for the last week, but today is cold and clear, and for the first time in weeks it is quiet--the cannonading has been incessant.
This beep is a tormenting, ugly, cannonading scream that intensifies as the minutes pass.
Then angular, handsome, balding, the 28 year old man stepped forward and, with a crescent sweep of his right boot, sent the ball cannonading into the top left corner of the Portugal goal.
The late Kenneth McNaught, initially a sympathiser and supporter, concluded that the radicals had failed: "The cannonading from the left has served principally to achieve those goals which the captains of artillery most vigorously rejected at the beginning of the campaign.
The fort] has returned the fire, and a brisk cannonading has been kept up.