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Synonyms for cannonade

to direct a barrage at

a concentrated outpouring, as of missiles, words, or blows

Synonyms for cannonade

intense and continuous artillery fire

attack with cannons or artillery

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From Dyrenforth's cannonading in Texas to Crutzen's artillery barrage of the stratosphere, military means and ends have been closely intertwined with thinking about control of the weather and climate.
Then angular, handsome, balding, the 28 year old man stepped forward and, with a crescent sweep of his right boot, sent the ball cannonading into the top left corner of the Portugal goal.
He has resumed with gusto his cannonading of Congress and the establishment, doing what he does best.
There's a name for this sort of cannonading of Washington; it is called i acting.
The late Kenneth McNaught, initially a sympathiser and supporter, concluded that the radicals had failed: "The cannonading from the left has served principally to achieve those goals which the captains of artillery most vigorously rejected at the beginning of the campaign." Instead of establishing fresh interpretations of the role of the "left," the "State" or the labour movement, concluded Ken McNaught:
[The fort] has returned the fire, and a brisk cannonading has been kept up.
Rather than cannonading out of the guns of the Union Army, the constitutional validity of the Fourteenth Amendment emerged from a series of decisions made by ordinary voters in the entire nation, including the South, on fundamental constitutional choices proffered to them by means of the separation of powers.
They seemed far off and sounded much like a cannon, like cannonading." Each report followed another at intervals of just a few minutes and then there was silence, she added.
As this centaur figure careers through the herd his two team mates wade into the horses, fending off cannonading bodies and dodging kicks.