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Synonyms for cannonade

to direct a barrage at

a concentrated outpouring, as of missiles, words, or blows

Synonyms for cannonade

intense and continuous artillery fire

attack with cannons or artillery

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Based loosely on the old Cuban popular standard "El manicero," the piece is an arresting blend of sharply contrasting interpretative concepts, from gentle musings to cannonades of block chords.
With an artistic eye, he described women: a curly babe with a big heart, always tipsy; or a dark, velvety one, "between Apollinaire, Edgar Allan Poe or cannonades of Paris.
Those critical cannonades bounced off the new "Governator," who won a handy mandate.
Almost any threat, however mild or indirect, to the Teacher Trust's power--hypothetical talk of vouchers, for instance--ensures cannonades of shrill union sloganeering against "voucher vultures", who are allegedly plotting to uphold the "Religious Right".
Benvenuto Cellini claims that he was in charge of lighting three beacons and firing triple cannonades every night from the roof of Castel Sant'Angelo as a signal to the Venetian army that the pope anticipated liberation.
Tipu sent placatory messages to the enemy commanders, hoping to delay matters until the monsoon arrived, but they continued with their siege works and cannonades.
Dodgson spent some of his remaining years firing off cannonades of printed mockery of the Dean's architectural and academic reforms.
Surprisingly, these cosmic cannonades are rarely reported -- only a handful are known from the last few decades.
The pivotal point in history that severed Texas from Mexico will be vividly brought to life on Saturday, April 26, complete with booming cannonades, cracking musket fire, thundering hooves and terrifying yells.
But the Orpheus style quest into this piratical Underworld is loaded with metaphysical and existential resonance as well as physical dangers and, what with a duel atop the rigging, blistering cannonades, frenzied brutal sword-fights, cold-blooded shootings, and even a bout of matrimonials in the middle of a bloodbath, you can't accuse Verbinski of not delivering the thrills.
national salute and two cannonades, one from Brooklyn Heights the other
Booming cannonades, cracking musket fire, thundering hooves and terrifying yells will resound across the San Jacinto Battleground on Saturday, April 20, as hundreds of history buffs recreate the moment in 1836 when a new nation was born -- The Republic of Texas.
Marshall even inserted a cadenza, resonating with spitfire cannonades of note-clusters, and then encored with his own jolly transcription of Bernstein's Wonderful Town Overture.