cannon fodder

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soldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire

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"It no longer matters who Arsenal play away from home - when the Gunners leave the Emirates, their opponents view them as little more than cannon fodder," he said.
"Houthis force recruitment from schools and playgrounds, threaten/terrorize families who refuse, and proceed to use them as cannon fodder."
But they are cannon fodder who are not clever, competent or keen enough to accomplish their mission.
Cannon Fodder should be firing on all cylinders for the Birthday Girls' Celebration Mares' Handicap Hurdle at Towcester.
"Cannon fodder" pertains to soldiers, or in the case of ISIS, pertains to fighters treated as expendable in battle.
That's the compelling beginning of Cannon Fodder, which opens with a bang (or a shatter, as the case may be) and keeps its action vivid and engrossing from its very first sentence.
But that was before I saw the trailer for Cannon Fodder, which is an Israeli movie about four IDF commandoes who infiltrate Lebanon to stop a zombie epidemic unleashed by Hezbollah.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Chappell expressed that we can no longer blame the bowlers for thinking that they are being served up as cannon fodder for the pampered batsmen.
Thank providence that such negligence of our cannon fodder wouldn't be tolerated so much with today's compensation culture.
These are the cannon fodder that keep our court rooms filled and even The Bill in its day would have struggled to get much drama out of their pathetic endeavours.

By liberally throwing xenomorphs at us, the aliens' power to terrify is diminished; and by culling them of every ounce of the malevolent intelligence that saw the Lovecraftian-esque horrors wipe-out an entire squad of marines they become mere cannon fodder. Targets to be cut-down in their droves, rather than creatures of nightmare to cower from.

 Further cannon fodder comes in the guise of rival soldiers, supposedly commissioned by the shadowy Weyland-Yutani Corporation, whose sole purpose in the game is to give players a different shaped hostile to attack.
Participants of April 2010 events believe that they were used as "cannon fodder" and intend to hold to rallies, said participant of the events, leader of the popular movement "New force in Kyrgyzstan" Taalai Esenaliev at a press conference in Bishkek on April 3.
The news from The Hague will restore their confidence and this is true cannon fodder for politicians.
BORO boss Tony Mowbray was today full of praise for the way in which his "cannon fodder" players rattled play-off hopefuls Hull on Saturday.
Will it make any practical difference to Wales if it loses some Commons cannon fodder?