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Emma Maguire, business development manager at Ragley, said: "The wonderful orchestral music, cavalry displays and cannon fire come together to create a truly unique event culminating in an amazing fireworks display.
It was not immediately clear if gunpowder had been used to simulate cannon fire from the vessel.
It wasn't immediately clear if gunpowder was used to simulate cannon fire.
The event - featuring live musket and cannon fire - has been created by Welsh writer and composer Tim Riley.
There was walking the plank, slave auctions and a smugglers market along with the occasional bout of cannon fire as a mock battle took place.
Then, after they had been taken off their boat, they had to watch as a Merlin Navy helicopter torched it with cannon fire.
While US has regretted the incident A spokesman of ISPR said that on Thursday at 0525 hours two helicopters from Afghanistan appeared to have crossed the border into Pakistan at Mandata Kandaho, Ali Mangola area of Upper Kurram Agency and engaged through cannon fire on an outpost of Frontier Corps, located 200 meters inside Pakistan (location of post shared with ISAF), manned by six soldiers.
The Israeli air force is practising shooting down unmanned air vehicles using cannon fire from its manned fighters.
My family tree has been blessed with cannon fire all these years.
An AC-130 gunship attacked Fallujah with 40 millimeter cannon fire and intermittent artillery fire blasted southern neighborhoods of the Sunni Muslim city, about 50 kilometers west of Baghdad, AP said.
The evening featured costumed re-enactment "soldiers," fireworks, fife and drum players, skydivers and cannon fire.
Rejecting the king's assignment of the governorship of Brittany in 1550, Vieilleville is said to have complained of being put out to pasture like a worn-out 60-year-old, whereas what he wanted was to die in royal service, facing the king's enemies and exposed to cannon fire.
After two short bursts of cannon fire, it began to bum and dove straight down into the ground.
But the ziggurat at Ur, the best preserved in Mesopotamia (and much reconstructed during the 1960s), is marked by cannon fire that raked it during the 1991 Gulf war.