cannon ball

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a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon

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This is a great step forward for both Cannon Ball and Oberon two communities serving Indian Country that are in desperate need for new elementary schools, said Heitkamp.
The cannon ball is an unusual find, we don't know whether it was fired here or whether it was someone's souvenir from a battle.
It was known that stable cannon balls could be made from steel but this was not viable, owing to steel's rarity, as there was no efficient method of producing it.
Then came the fight to save the Wabash Cannon Ball.
On Saturday, many activists in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, touted the latest victory, but said its temporary nature meant they would not end their protests, echoing Friday statements by Standing Rock Sioux leaders.
It was a fictional movie, Cannon Ball Run, that brought coast to coast automotive racing to the attention of the general public.
I remember so well, back in those childhood days Having hours of fun in the sunshine and rain Splashing through rain pools in our wellies and hat Rolling down hills ever so fast So many games we mastered them all From skippies to leapfrog to cannon ball The practice we got kept us fit as lops As we chased each other all the way to the shops No shortage of kids playing out every day Sandcastles, ice cream, everyone losing their socks Plodging and swimming and sliding on rocks So much fun without a penny to spare Singing so loud without a care
Two 200-year-old iron cannon, the muzzle of another cannon, a cannon ball and coins were found at Rest Bay, Porthcawl, in January 2014 after severe storms stripped feet of sand off the beach uncovering treasure thought to be from a British troop ship which sank off Sker Point, near Porthcawl in 1798.
AYDIN (CyHAN)- People found a cannon ball, which is believed to be used during the World War I, in the western province of Aydyn's Nazilli district on Tuesday.
Today there is a hole in the stair balustrade that marks the landing of a cannon ball during the siege.
Now, with her government-issued trailer uninhabitable, Thunder Hawk moves from house to house among friends in Cannon Ball, the Native American community of less than 1,000 that President Barack Obama will visit today.
Over this period, Lutz took a fascinating series of photographs of local Yanktonai Sioux and their families from Cannon Ball district on nearby Standing Rock Indian Reservation who, from the summer of 1924, were each paid a dollar a day to set up camp in Northern Pacific Park in Mandan, in close proximity to the Northern Pacific Railroad line.
Nine carefully preserved treasures include a six-pound cannon ball, pewter plate from the ship's galley, flake of gold likely plundered by the pirates, clay pipe fragment, iron spike and three straight pins.
Cavlan was also filmed discussing plans to kidnap a dog called Cannon Ball, which was seized from his home, from the British Army's Palace Barracks, where the dog was being held on behalf of the USPCA.
Four cannons were loaded and one had three 9-inch bolts, in front of the cannon ball, which would have been very terrorizing when shot," he explained.