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metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour


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However, the Mercury has been shown a video interview, taken by Newman's supporters in January 2013, in which Mr Cotterill states: "I did not see Stephen light that gas cannister.
Abdallah Abu Rahmeh, a witness who took part in the protest, said Abu Rahmeh, a distant relative, was talking to soldiers when troops fired the cannisters.
The cash was put in a cannister and parachuted on to the tanker.
Did you know that a gas cannister is visible on the back of a chariot in Gladiator and there were 356 mistakes in Pirates of the Caribbean?
The typical representation of nuclear waste is a 50-ton cannister with green goo hanging out the sides,'' O'Connell said.
I looked over my shoulder and, about four feet a way, a bear had its nose in my cannister.
The brand name and the vibrant Captain figure dominate the front of the cannister and the effect will be to increase shelf-shout and present consumers with a perfect gift purchase.
The QED doesn't show cannister, nor do the desktop dictionary elite save Merriam-Webster's 10th.
And once inside, he set off a cannister bomb to provide a real-life smoke screen.
The new Scent Clip is a cannister with fight-sealing lid and cotton balls, and it has a special clip, so you can hang it on a tree branch.
Most OC spray manufacturers produce a variety of cannister sizes for different situations.
He had been living as a recluse with his fourth wife in Switzerland, rarely able to go anywhere for the last decade of his life without his oxygen cannister.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Soda Lime Cannister
But after a careful four-hour investigation officers identified the mystery device as a GAS CANNISTER.
And on last month's fan chaos at the ground next to Wigan's DW Stadium, in which NUFC fans stormed the pitch, Mr Storey said: "Every time someone goes on to the pitch or lights a smoke cannister or flare, a disciplinary hearing is launched and inevitably we get a substantial fine.