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metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour


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The Cannister Man is the most progressive horse in this line-up, posting improved RPR's on all three starts since a hood was applied.
However, the Mercury has been shown a video interview, taken by Newman's supporters in January 2013, in which Mr Cotterill states: "I did not see Stephen light that gas cannister. I didn't see what happened.
October 9, 1915: Cpl J A Cooper from Bandeville in Honley suffered gas in the eyes when a shell damaged a gas cannister his team from the chemical section of the Royal Engineers was unleashing on the Germans.
A MAN was lucky to escape with minor injuries after an aerosol cannister exploded while he was burning rubbish.
It is understood a gas cannister may have exploded and that the owners of the damaged property are away on holiday.
Another 14 people, including two children, were wounded when a gas cannister taken from a shop was set on fire, causing an explosion, the spokesman for the Kandahar provincial governor said.
National News Agency delegate reported today that a strange body resembling a huge gas cannister was discovered before the Byblos Port this evening.
Basem Abu Rahmeh, 30, died after being hit at close range with a tear gas cannister.
Did you know that a gas cannister is visible on the back of a chariot in Gladiator and there were 356 mistakes in Pirates of the Caribbean?
I looked over my shoulder and, about four feet a way, a bear had its nose in my cannister. I had not put the lid back on as soon as I finished, and that's a real no-no," she said, explaining that park regulations require backpackers to carry their food in bear-proof containers.
Trouble erupted before Swansea City's away clash with Lincoln yesterday when a football fan tried to let off a cannister of pepper gas in a busy city centre pub.
The QED doesn't show cannister, nor do the desktop dictionary elite save Merriam-Webster's 10th.
The new Scent Clip is a cannister with fight-sealing lid and cotton balls, and it has a special clip, so you can hang it on a tree branch.
The cannister has rounded corners to help protect furniture from dings and scratches, a trio of free-mounted wheels that lets the machine scoot along the ground as if on a cushion of air, and a rugged, flexible hose that pivots 360 [degrees] at the base and has a pistolgrip handle for ease of operation.
Most OC spray manufacturers produce a variety of cannister sizes for different situations.