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Synonyms for canny

Synonyms for canny

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

careful in the use of material resources

Synonyms for canny

showing self-interest and shrewdness in dealing with others

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And again, to go back to section 2 for a second, we can see the canniness of Whitman's resolutely linking metonymy to anaphora, in the section in which the form is first introduced.
Synonyms for cynicism clarify this condition: disillusionment, jadedness; canniness, as opposed to credulity; realism, as opposed to romanticism.
While the author--whose canniness with marketing and self-promotion certainly helps to explain her books' remarkable popular success--has done little to dispel such connections, her work should also be understood as a feminist response to the pop fiction of J.
The joke cycles, or themes, examined are: jokes about stupidity and canniness, libidinous blondes and French people, Jewish people, men's sexuality, American lawyers, and the Soviet Union.
But while such disparities in spending highlight the challenge Moyes is up against, the respective transfer again reinforce the canniness he possesses.
Trying to play all the angles, Myers is soon bouncing like a pinball among two veteran campaign managers (played with tousled canniness by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti), a conservative Democratic senator on the make (Jeffrey Wright), an aggressive New York Times reporter (Marisa Tomei), and a sexy young campaign intern (Evan Rachel Wood) so naive she believes in her own worldliness.
When Gant Broderick, a former gang and love rival, returns after 25 years and begins luring his lieutenants and inciting the natives, Hartnett must invoke enough vicious canniness to maintain his hold.
Carmody Groarke's canniness has been to create a pavilion that accentuates the inherent contradictions in the project's complexion, while appearing to straddle wider divisions, embracing its status and rejecting it at the same time.
If "repression" is the term for the psychic reality of Fokir's canniness, then "surmounting" would be the erasure and rejection of such an indigenous canny in the discourses--the cultural unconscious--of the postcolonial nation.
It requires talent but also canniness and composure.
The Swiss had an even earlier exit, although not before they had become the only side to beat eventual winners Spain in a manner which showed wily coach Ottmar Hitzfeld has lost none of his canniness.
The oft-told stories of birds getting up when a hunter is astraddle a fence or has stopped to relieve bladder pressure aren't a tribute to gamebird canniness. It's the change-up in the sound patter or introduction of a different sound.
Strauss deserves much of the credit, according to Bresnan, who cited the posting of a short-leg to see off Michael Clarke in Thursday's four-wicket win in Cardiff as an example of the captain's canniness.
Anna Jackson, for example, argues that gothic novels align canniness with growing up (163).
Denney adds nuance to their stories by demonstrating the canniness with which they orchestrated their public images.