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a wooden bucket

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a small can

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CANNIKIN A Life-like doll B Groove along a bullet C A small can who am I?
There was a boor from Gelderland, merry they be; he was so drunk he could not stand, pissed they all be; clink once the cannikin, drink, pretty manniken, 27n36-41)
Among the last of the singing Vices, Iago uses the tavern song 'And Let me the Cannikin Clink' to advance his elaborate revenge project by seducing and ruining the sober Cassio with drink (2.
Aye, aye, my merry lads, it's a lively leak this; hold a cannikin, one of ye, and let's have a taste.
The Don't Make a Wave Committee was born and its first high profile protest was to sail towards Amchitka and into the heart of what would be the nuclear testing zone for an underground hydrogen bomb called Cannikin, variably estimated to be 250 to 385 times as powerful as Hiroshima.