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Synonyms for canny

Synonyms for canny

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

careful in the use of material resources

Synonyms for canny

showing self-interest and shrewdness in dealing with others

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Beyond their free-to-air networks, each controls a mini-empire of companies that includes satcaster Sky plus interests in Cablevision de Mexico and Cablemas for Azcariaga, while Salinas-Pliego owns mobile cannier Iusacell.
The Israelis also have a suspicion that parties like Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood have not necessarily become weaker but its leaders are playing a cannier game by allying themselves with secular groups.
So it was that in a game which reduces so absorbingly by statistical cross-section, Jimmie Reese was the sum of a cannier, more elemental understanding of the game and its players.
What lies ahead may be challenging, but historically that's businesses become more creative, consumers cannier and economies resilient.
Government and healthcare advisors are encouraging us all to control our weight and keep fit and cannier consumers, in ever-greater numbers, are reaching for sugar-free options to quench their thirst.
He is brilliant enough to do so and this is his time of year, but he's best on difficult courses and some of the flashier youngsters and cannier oldsters are likely to outscore him this week.
Lily still vamps (played by Dietrich she could not do otherwise), but she is cannier.
I therefore think that Watson and Conan Doyle were far cannier than most of the commentators--confirming, in this instance, Hazlitt's dictum.
If he had been even cannier about managing his career as an author, he would have had a much better career as a clergyman, because the most plausible hypothesis for Swift's failure to gain the English Episcopal See that was the summit of his early ambition was the revulsion felt by Queen Anne for A Tale of a Tub.
Monty'' was a slicker, cannier, more conventionally entertaining work by far.
Perhaps a cannier player might have gone down straight away but Short managed to stumble on for a couple of yards, enough to persuade referee David Pugh not to award a penalty.