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a person who eats human flesh

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In several places, Walton begins to clearly explain the linkage between cannibals and her more modern subject matter, only later to make leaps in logic which do not include her readers.
TOBIAS SCHNEEBAUM, 83, a gay writer, artist, and renowned explorer who in the 1950s lived among cannibals in the remote Amazon jungle and then wrote the recent acclaimed memoir Keep the River on Your Right, of complications from Parkinson's disease, in Great Neck, N.
In this volume, Tom and his little friend Midgely manage to escape from the ship, and encounter cannibals, crocodiles, pirates and more in their struggle to make it to an elephant-shaped island where Tom and his father hope to be reunited.
This is no serious survey: Gimlette's mishaps and adventures assume a humorous air as he encounters cannibals, religious zealots, myths, realities, and cultural oddities alike.
Any writer, who is interested in exploring were-wolves, vampires, shape changing, and cannibals, will find much needed information in this volume.
When The missionary John Patton brought Christianity to the cannibals of the Pacific Islands.
The circuitous route and apparent speed of the chase also hint that early reptiles were active predators and possibly cannibals.
The story remains the same - five teens pick up a hitchhiker and wind up being chased by cannibals bearing power tools - but Nispel has brought a more modern sensibility (not to mention a bigger budget) to the proceedings.
Using a combination of Marxism-Leninism and witch doctor black magic, he unleashed his demonic Mau Mau cannibals to torture and hack to pieces all fellow Kikuyu tribesmen who refused to join his revolution.
Chan Beebe was not a bowhunter, but his adventure book Cannibals and Big Game is still an amazing collection of huntin' tales about a hunter's unforgettable African odyssey.
Cannibals and Crampons, an expedition film co-directed by Mark Anstice and Bruce Parry, has taken the grand prize at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival.
While the film draws heavily upon the taboo of cannibalism, the identity and function of the monster figure is confused by the interchangeability of the monstrous acts committed by the cannibals and the camera crew.
HE WAS the distinctive voice behind 80s group Fine Young Cannibals and now singer Roland Gift is striking out on his own in the pop world.
I think there is still a lot of genuine goodwill towards me because of the public's affection for the Cannibals.
A couple of other unlikely entrants included Dancing Dan Gesmer, Steve Olson, and Jake Phelps, who lectured the youth present about his descendance from the Donner Party cannibals and the lack of need for helmets in skateboarding.