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a person who eats human flesh

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Set in Gilded Age New York, Norman Lock's Feast Day of the Cannibals is the sixth standalone book in the American Novel series.
Brazilian news website G1 reported Silveira 6 who has been dubbed the "Sweeney Todd" cannibal - was sentenced to 71 years in prison on Dec.15, while his wife received 68 years and his mistress 71 years and 10 months. 
The cannibals lured young people to their house by offering them work as a nanny, before murdering them and feasting on their dead bodies in a "purification" ritual.
The bumper, lights and number plate had been taken by one or more 'Corsa Cannibals' who also smashed a passenger-side window to free and take the bonnet.
POLICE are today urging drivers to protect themselves against the so-called 'Corsa Cannibals' changing the way they park their cars.
POLICE are today urging drivers to protect themselves against the socalled 'Corsa Cannibals' changing the way they park their cars.
Employee of the Month Award !-- --I remember featuring this old story in one of my earlier books but here it is for your pleasure.A large business organization recently hired several cannibals.
These writers, dubbed the Young Cannibals, shared an interest in portraying a youth culture especially defined by extra-literary experiences--television, comics, music, and fashion.
The narrator tells tales of cannibals and fork-tongued princesses, pigeons and ymbryne's to occasionally scare, sometimes endear, or otherwise divulge the hidden stories of the peculiars with all of the humor and ingenuity Riggs can muster.
UNUSUAL vehicle part thefts in Shepley could be part of an organised gang dubbed the 'Corsa Cannibals'.
Cowboys v cannibals as the everexcellent Kurt Russell and Patrick Wilson try to rescue a group of captives, including Wilson's wife, from cannibal cave dwellers.
The Greek title for this super-gory adventure is admirably brief and to-the-point: Cannibals .
E rose to fame singing with the Fine Young Cannibals.
Roland Gift is playing an intimate show at the Hare and Hounds pub, showcasing new songs from forthcoming album Return To Vegas and performing classic hits from his band Fine Young Cannibals.