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Synonyms for cannibalize

eat human flesh

use parts of something to repair something else

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Embryonic stem-cell research has been likened, and properly so, to cannibalizing humans for spare parts.
Soon, however, Callaway decided that the special reports were cannibalizing his newsletter subscriptions.
The competitive dynamics of the insurance marketplace form an ecosystem that favors companies that adapt by constantly cannibalizing the portion of their business that is no longer relevant and giving up outmoded behavior.
5 Pierre Huyghe There are plenty of artists out there cannibalizing cinema, but Huyghe's the gourmet.
The biggest segment achieves growth in large part by cannibalizing users from other segments, while smaller segments cannot seem to decide whether other collaborative segments are helping or hurting.
Returning recreation fees to recreation projects is a good theory," says Dan DuBray for Montana Congressman Marlenee, "but the budget constraints of the agencies would start cannibalizing that money.
Carriers are probably scared of cannibalizing their revenues, but let's look at the real cost of offering this service.
It's not only that the Woodman is cannibalizing himself; it's that Biggs and Ricci come off as a couple of children playing grown-up.
Embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) involves cannibalizing embryonic human beings for "stem cells" that can be used to grow vital tissues.
Here, possibly, is an emerging spare parts industry, through which members of the helping professions can grow wealthy cannibalizing the young for those of us who disdain growing old.
I'm not scared of cannibalizing our business, because I'd rather we cannibalize our own business than let someone else do it.
This is an industry-wide conundrum; fixed operators must tread a fine line between cannibalizing fixed line services with overcompelling VoIP pricing and offering unattractive VoIP services," adds Zibi.