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eat human flesh

use parts of something to repair something else

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Advocates counter that the cannibalizing usually works in the other direction.
China, with aggressive market share gains, is cannibalizing the growth from other exporting countries, negatively impacting non-China trade lines.
The most encouraging sign so far, Lenkin said, is that it appears to be attracting new customers and not cannibalizing existing users, its biggest fear.
Partnering with MNOs and carriers at this stage, gives the ability to serve the market which has not been catered to by the carrier or network operator and also eliminates the risk of cannibalizing the carrier's market or entering into strong head-on competition with experienced wireless service providers.
Goodwill Industries inspects each system, repairs them - often cannibalizing components from other donated machines to produce one functioning PC - and erases personal files from the hard drive.
The 'affinity MVNO model' is most optimal for most emerging markets; it extends the reach of the network without fully cannibalizing existing subscriber bases.
He convinces us that Hamsun may have been a figure of perverted greatness capable of matter of factly cannibalizing those around him, but a figure of greatness all the same, humanistic in his art, which makes his repugnant stance all the more troubling.
SOC unit sales are cannibalizing the consumption volume of other ICs.
But in a potentially negative omen for corporate profits, the trend also appears to be cannibalizing sales of more profitable computers.
Gordon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "This relationship enables the Company to capitalize off its deep market presence throughout California, capturing a segment of the market the Company has otherwise been unable to serve, while not cannibalizing its own core, adjustable-rate loan originations.
But he now tells this column, ``I decided it was wrong that Hollywood was cannibalizing its past - and that it would be kind of morally wrong for me to redo a picture that was considered a classic the first time.
Many of Jasomi's revenue-bearing carrier deployments over the last 3 months have largely been with newer providers serving identifiable niche markets, who are quickly able to embrace VoIP's service creation economies without worrying about cannibalizing existing revenue streams.
To avoid cannibalizing the Convention Center's parking revenues, the Kings have agreed to close the parking structure when the arena is not being used, Soboroff said.
Meridian will drive same-store sales growth, leverage our current infrastructure and yield future incremental profitability without cannibalizing our existing brands.
Riverstone's circuit extension technology seamlessly connects the two networking protocols to enable telecommunications carriers to deliver more flexible and scalable services to their customers without cannibalizing existing revenues.