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Synonyms for cannibalize

eat human flesh

use parts of something to repair something else

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The consensus opinion is that underfunded spares may be the principal factor in this now well-established procedure of cannibalizing one aircraft to preserve readiness in others.
Promoting five wines increased sales of the promoted wines by 39%, without "cannibalizing" other wine sales.
With pop-culture cycles coming faster and faster, it will probably only be a couple of years before DJ-producers start cannibalizing Basement Jaxx and Soulwax and club music implodes on itself; after all, you can only recycle something so many times before it completely breaks down.
Linsky suggests a way out of the dilemma: In cannibalizing nearby galaxies, perhaps the Milky Way incorporated gas richer in deuterium than its original gas.
Ford is killing off the Freestyle in 2007--a move predicated by: a) Ford's desire to keep this very nice vehicle from cannibalizing Explorer sales; b) its failure to set the sales charts on fire out of the gate; or c) a realization that mating a wide-ratio CVT to a small V6 in a 4,000-lb car gives great gas mileage, but not enough performance.
NAFTA led to unspeakable trade deficits and the gruesome cannibalizing of manufacturing jobs here in the United States and wrought the wretched end of centuries of agricultural tradition in southern Mexico.
The regression line of spiders cannibalizing after day 3 of the experiment (i.e.
"Essentially there is no flexibility, and they will pay for any increases by cannibalizing good programs," Martin said.
For companies in expansion mode, Bryant advises looking for new locations positioned far enough away from the original spot to avoid cannibalizing that location's business.
"We will raise the bar for retailers, both in terms of price point and technology, so that once again we will introduce items that continue to bring greater sales and profits without cannibalizing existing offerings."
Embryonic stem-cell research has been likened, and properly so, to cannibalizing humans for spare parts.