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Synonyms for cannibalize

eat human flesh

use parts of something to repair something else

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A simple cannibalized parts swap bypasses the original coupling of components and characterization testing and may very well jeopardize system integrity.
The proportion of cannibalized larvae was calculated by dividing the number killed by the initial number of M.
Create line extensions that can yield greater margins, making it less problematic if your existing product is cannibalized. For example: a more affluent luxury product with premium pricing or a product that can be made less expensively with greater margins.
However, when the desert winds increased the following day, the unsecured rudder on the cannibalized aircraft began to blow violently from side-to-side, tearing the aircraft "skin" in three places.
Precious resources are cannibalized in an ill-conceived attempt to also 'resurrect' the magnetic sails.
Repair workers discovered that copper vents, flashing, and trim had been cannibalized from the school's roof.
What drives the relentless march of Mormon crickets across the landscape is both a craving for food and a reluctance to be cannibalized, says an international research team.
We have just cannibalized our own business and given all the costs savings to our customers.
One large group of hatchlings never cannibalized and thus died from starvation.
The panoply of characters, which seemed to multiply and self-destruct exponentially, did not exchange dialogue (except in one case, where ominous mathematical equations acted as subtitles) but rather maimed, raped, and cannibalized one another to the accompaniment of a disconcerting sound track of tinny cell-phone rings and car alarms.
Estonia's colourful survey of the nation's al fresco earth closets (artfully cannibalized from structures as disparate as boat hulls and disused sentry boxes) had both rustic charm and a welcome sense of authenticity.
Even as major labels have merged and cannibalized their competition, savvy music fans have noticed independent labels and artists proliferating.
"The units get cannibalized," said Slick, a Reservist assigned to a training support battalion, the 2-312th Regiment, Oakdale, Pa.
The tribe cannibalized Baker, eating every part of him, even his clothes.