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Synonyms for cannibalize

eat human flesh

use parts of something to repair something else

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It was only because of the company's willingness to cannibalize its existing investments that allowed the company to move to the next phase of expansion.
"Not only do males give up their future reproductive success by being cannibalized, they also seem to choose the females that are more likely to cannibalize them," said Ally Harari of Tel Aviv's Agricultural Research Organization, the lead author of the study.
and when 3rd instars were allowed to cannibalize eggs and 1st instars, their pupal weights were significantly larger than those of 3rd instars that had no opportunity to cannibalize.
You will cannibalize some funds, but most will be new money.
The two maintainers checked out the required tools and went to work at approximately 2200, knowing they only would have about five hours to cannibalize the good actuator from one aircraft and install it on the other, perform leak and operational checks, and take a hydraulic contamination sampling.
Bosley said casino betting would cannibalize state lottery revenues as well, and that while the governor argues that the lottery would take a 4 percent hit in revenue, he believes it would be closer to 15 percent if three or more casinos are operating.
"The lesson here is that when it comes to the relentless search for cost reductions, molders of plastic products and their customers benefit to a much greater degree when they replace metal than they do when they cannibalize applications that are already in plastic."
Promotions can cannibalize: Between 69-87% in sales of promoted wines came from other wines that patrons would have ordered anyway.
Trapped by snow in the uppermost reaches of the Sierra Nevada, half of the Donner Party perished from starvation; the remaining half had to cannibalize their dead to survive.
"Autophagy," the process by which cells cannibalize some of their internal organelles for re-use when faced with an inadequate supply of nutrients, is a quarterly journal that is designed to serve as a forum for the exchange of information on the range of autophagic developments, including specific degradation, the molecular mechanism of autophagy, signaling and regulation, the role of autophagy in diseases including cancer, its connection with aging, and the immune response.
They'll be waiting for about a year into the GMT 900 production to bring out the hybrid versions so as to not cannibalize conventional internal combustion engine sales.
In these spiders, there was a strong positive relationship between average body mass of the contestants and their latency to cannibalize. A third group cannibalized quickly and the latency to cannibalize in these spiders was independent of body mass.
Are all of your care-level policies in independent living consistent with (and will not "cannibalize") your other living arrangement options on your campus?
He was not so concerned about Wal-Mart itself, but of the mini-box stores and strip plazas surrounding the Wal-Mart development that had the potential to "cannibalize" the downtown.
The corporations also encourage the franchisees to cannibalize one another by refusing to give them exclusive territories, which not only oversaturates particular markets but also sets franchisees--otherwise probable allies in a system weighted against them--permanently at odds.