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a person who eats human flesh

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When a group of Peruvian Indians, under the impression that Candide is a Jesuit, prepares to cannibalistically eat him for dinner, Cacambo, Candide's Latin-American valet and partner in sharing El Dorado's riches, pithily observes, "The law of nations teaches us to kill our neighbor and this is how people behave all over the world" (Voltaire 270-271).
Thus, given a taste of "heating" food (associated with sexual pleasure), the woman may demand the object of her appetite in excess, or perhaps, as Penthesilea does, cannibalistically conflate the objects of her appetites.
Here, it is the marginalized heroine, a black little girl, Pecola who maniacally and cannibalistically devours food associated with icons of normative white femininity: gulping milk from Shirley Temple mugs, sucking on Mary Jane candies, she devours "that which is not-me" in order to give birth to her self, regurgitating, amidst the abjectification of the subject (Kristeva 9), which finally leads both to her nervous breakdown, to the dissolution of the white Dick and Jane primer's narrative, constituting narrative cornerstones (de)composing the black feminist text, and to the thorough destabilization of the status of the other.
It starts off with usual Waters themes with runway models being cannibalistically attacked and nymphomaniacs saying the rosary.
This deconstruction of the cultural binary of civilized Christian and cannibal pagan--Queequeg as "George Washington cannibalistically developed" (Ch.
But they thrive on the absorption of intelligent species--such as Humanity--out of which they create a new version of their own Self that cannibalistically incorporates that Other.
PACIFIC OVERTURES SWEENEY TODD (1979) (1976) This decidedly odd venture This gruesome tale of a that explores a century of vengeance-mad London Japan's cultural barber and his interfacing with the cannibalistically Western world was further inclined pie-shop proof of Sondheim's paramour was one of ability to musicalize Sondheim's biggest anything.
Eva to Ave, the search for the antidote -- malus to bonus and life from the dead -- surfeit of sanctity cannibalistically changed (hocus-pocus