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a person who eats human flesh

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They will call out incessantly through the night to ward off other males with cannibalistic tendencies and other predators from consuming the eggs.
Bello said, "The sequence of modifications performed on this bone suggests that the engraving was a purposeful component of the cannibalistic practice, rich in symbolic connotations.
Although the presence of cannibalistic morph salamanders is linked to intra-specific competition in ephemeral habitats, it seems likely enhanced interspecific competition may also facilitate the development of cannibalistic morphs.
According to the author, "In Northern Algonquian traditions, the windigo was the spirit of winter, which could transform a man, woman, or child into a cannibalistic being with a heart of ice.
Some researchers have argued that these finds are leftovers of cannibalistic practices.
Possible sources of variation that may affect cannibalistic behaviors in various species include the season at parturition, animal density per room and the age of dams at the time of parturition (KORPELA et al.
Why does Francophone Caribbean writing follow a trajectory of cannibalistic confrontation to a post-cannibalistic aesthetic that no longer contextualizes itself in relation to a history of colonialism?
Both sexes will also greedily devour the young larvae, and it is probably this cannibalistic trait that prompts the female to lay her eggs singly, folded in leaves of waterplants, and the denser these are the better suited for her purpose, as the eggs are better hidden, and greater opportunities for escape are afforded to the newly-hatched larvae.
But what elevates this above your usual drama is the relationship between cannibalistic serial killer Dr Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and gifted FBI profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy).
A plague has been cast upon the Earth, turning people into animal-like, cannibalistic beings.
4 and 12) The CSIs hunt a cannibalistic killer and discover that he's not alone.
However, their investigations take an even weirder twist when they begin to suspect their unseen fellow suburbanites are part of a cannibalistic cult.
Texts mediate the relation between cannibalism and corpse medicine (60), genres mediate between the medical trade and the cannibalistic implications of that trade (65), the human body mediates between retributive state justice and corpse pharmacology (42), and writers mediate the Protestant challenge to the Catholic Eucharist through an "expression of alimentary desire and cannibalistic language" (125).
Dent hoped the widely publicized cannibalistic crime would boost support for a ban on chemicals used in the quasi-legal speed substitutes.
Grown-up fairytales are a hotbed of cannibalistic tendencies - parents eating their children (and not always by mistake), Little Red Riding Hood devouring her grandmother, and winters so cold that no one is going to enquire where the meat came from.