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the practice of eating the flesh of your own kind

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html) report by LiveScience in 2011, researchers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wrote in the journal Herpatologica that "Even the seemingly low rate of juvenile mortality attributed to cannibalism reported here may be an important factor in population regulation.
Northward among the English, a contemporary chronicle reported cannibalism during the "Starving Time" at Jamestown when a villager killed his wife, salted her, and dined on her preserved flesh.
But archaeological evidence suggests that most cannibalism in human history was not the work of serial killers.
In Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History, zoologist Bill Schutt writes about cannibalism with a delightful mixture of humor and scholarship.
Njeri Githire's main objective is to trace the resurgence of metaphors of cannibalism in postcolonial literature in order to make connections between regions, writers, genres, and histories that have previously not been linked.
Cannibalism is influenced by various intrinsic and extrinsic factors of the population, such as density, population structure, prey availability, habitat structure and famine.
Seven drought events between 1520 and 1920 are documented in the graffiti, which tells of conflict, starvation and even cannibalism.
This is possibly the clearest known archaeological example of ritualistic cannibalism," Bello says.
ISLAMABAD -- Members National Assembly on Tuesday moved two private member bills to the House seeking legislation for rigorous imprisonment and fine for those involved in cannibalism.
3) To this comment on the slippery slope to cannibalism Humboldt appends a footnote concerning a certain engraving published in Germany: "Soon after my return to Europe, an engraving was published at Weimar from a drawing composed with great spirii [sic] by M.
basalis displays substantial cannibalism which may impede mass rearing.
He admitted getting a sexual kick fantasising about cannibalism and said cooked children's flesh was more tender than adults.
With the discourse of cannibalism arising out of European colonization, Loichot emphasizes that this stereotype of indigenous and enslaved Caribbean peoples was the result of a psychic displacement, a projection of Europe's material and discursive violence onto the Other America it colonized and exploited.
HYDERABAD TOWN -- Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Sargodha has distributed copies of charge sheet among the two brother arrested under charges of cannibalism and summoned the witnesses on next hearing.