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Synonyms for cannibalize

eat human flesh

use parts of something to repair something else

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'We believe there could be more lorries that were cannibalised and sent overseas, as are tracking down at least seven more syndicate members at large,' he said.
Tokyo: A toy helicopter created from cannibalised smartphones was among the main attractions at a huge toy show in Tokyo yesterday, where producers were targeting the young and the young-at-heart.
The company tends to buy only one particular brand and model in each segment, such as telehandler or skidsteer, in order to guarantee commonality of parts, and ensure that they can be cannibalised at the end of their lives, once their service costs are too high.
Proper records have also been maintained of these cannibalised spare parts in Hyderabad.
New pictures of a galaxy's outskirts reveal that many stars there are simply the leftovers of smaller galaxies it has "cosmically cannibalised".
The refineries at Haditha, Khanaqin/Alwand, and Muftiah have been cannibalised for spare parts.
The single drive market will continue to be cannibalised by competitively priced tape automation systems.
Sales representative Keith (right), of Marton, and his navigator who was a director in his family firm, started off with the shell of a written-off Avenger and the cannibalised parts of other cars.