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Synonyms for cannibal

a person who eats human flesh

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Nino Mbatha, 33, is a cannibal, or at least he was until he got "tired of eating human flesh." More body parts were reportedly recovered from Mbatha's house.
" Each of the cannibals promised they wouldn't.After a few weeks the cannibal's boss seemed very pleased, but also a little worried.
by will stewart A CANNIBAL couple killed and ate at least 30 people - and took selfie shots of their garnished human dishes.
Because of its careless indulgence in violence, the Cannibal writers' work generated a lively debate among the critics.
And it comes on the back of similar flying ant and cannibal spider explosions.
Cowboys v cannibals as the everexcellent Kurt Russell and Patrick Wilson try to rescue a group of captives, including Wilson's wife, from cannibal cave dwellers.
I'm making the film sound smart, and it really isn't; but I guess it's surprisingly smart for a trashy, ultra-violent cannibal movie.
Former Cannibal Roland Gift knew all about the Peaky Blinders
A cannibal entered the meat market to buy something nice for dinner.
Companies have been damaging their business by launching zombie and cannibal products that eat into their profits, according to a landmark UK study by global research consultancy TNS.
It may sound disturbing news for fans of indie pop champions Belle and Sebastian but Mick Cooke has turned into a cannibal.
Summary: London: Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has been dubbed a "cannibal" by British media after his ...
The song "Bad Dog," by the Cannibal Ramblers, is more than a little off-color and very, VERY much off-kilter.