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Synonyms for cannibal

a person who eats human flesh

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Nino Mbatha, 33, is a cannibal, or at least he was until he got "tired of eating human flesh." More body parts were reportedly recovered from Mbatha's house.
" Each of the cannibals promised they wouldn't.After a few weeks the cannibal's boss seemed very pleased, but also a little worried.
by will stewart A CANNIBAL couple killed and ate at least 30 people - and took selfie shots of their garnished human dishes.
Because of its careless indulgence in violence, the Cannibal writers' work generated a lively debate among the critics.
And it comes on the back of similar flying ant and cannibal spider explosions.
Cowboys v cannibals as the everexcellent Kurt Russell and Patrick Wilson try to rescue a group of captives, including Wilson's wife, from cannibal cave dwellers.
I'm making the film sound smart, and it really isn't; but I guess it's surprisingly smart for a trashy, ultra-violent cannibal movie.
Former Cannibal Roland Gift knew all about the Peaky Blinders
A cannibal entered the meat market to buy something nice for dinner.
It may sound disturbing news for fans of indie pop champions Belle and Sebastian but Mick Cooke has turned into a cannibal.
Summary: London: Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has been dubbed a "cannibal" by British media after his ...
The song "Bad Dog," by the Cannibal Ramblers, is more than a little off-color and very, VERY much off-kilter.