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a factory where food is canned

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Like many of its elder residents, Aceveda grew up in the days when the salmon cannery was thriving.
Positioning itself right in the middle of the week, the Cannery Row Auto, Art & Yacht Auction will offer vehicles of both land and sea.
Pan hopes to have the system ramped up to match cannery operating speeds by 2016.
At a cannery, tomatoes traveling on conveyor belts would be heated for about 60 seconds with infrared light emitted from tubular units placed alongside the belts.
Toxic asbestos was released into the air as the derelict factory - known as The Cannery - caught fire in Carlow.
Cannery Casino Resorts, LLC believes that the lawsuit is without merit and intends to defend against it vigorously.
A newly created cannery of Ayrum village of the Tavush region will start its production by the end of August.
This includes 5 separate sands that have an average thickness of 34' each ('A' Zones) and that compare in quality to known productive sands in the Cannery Loop field that adjoins Kenai Loop, with each of these sands having gas shows while drilling.
I would like to recommend the rotary nut cracker/sheller from Embarcadero Home Cannery (2026 Livingston St.
Travel Business Review-December 20, 2010--International Game Technology Offers Server Based Technology to Cannery Casino and Hotel(C)2010] ENPublishing - http://www.
Cannery officials said that minimum wage increases were a significant contributing factor in the closure of one cannery, in addition to other factors.
So the two families decided to start their own cannery, Pelican Packers.
22 December 2009 -- RD Corporation is to expanding its second tuna cannery in General Santos, in The Philippines, from 140 to 200 tons a day at a cost of $15 million, it has been announced.
The Hanthorn/Bumble Bee cannery, built at Pier 39 in 1875, is now the site of a cannery museum, the Rogue Ales Public House, Coffee Girl, and a few small shops.
Caleb, you went up for the first time this year and worked in the cannery.