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a bituminous coal that burns with a luminous flame

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Such was the composition of the cannel that anything from 30 - 80 gallons of oil could be extracted from one ton of coal.
That night, looking out from my private balcony on to the Mount Cannel slopes and the Mediterranean Sea and listening to the strains of techno-dance music from a wedding below, I was in heaven.
Cannel highlighted the efforts of ICAI and praised the orgnisation's vibrancy and dynamism.
Being as I am of gourmet persuasion, even back in my student days, I made sure one of the first places I located was the local patisserie, fortunately only a few minutes' walk from my hall of residence and it was in their sweet-scented little coffee shop that I saw my first cannel.
Iran has plans on construction of water cannel from the Caspian Sea to central areas, particularly to the Semnan province.
Youth and Sports Minister Hamoud Ubad has paid visits to the Malaysian TV and National News Agency in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur.<p>He has met with a number of Malaysian officials in the agency and in the news cannel, Arabic section, at the Malaysian TV.
Red Lion failed to make any impression in the second half and Stone Cross increased their tally in the closing stages, Regan Hill rifling home with five minutes remaining and then heading home from a Jason Cannel cross.
Andrew Cannel had 15 points and 10 rebounds for the Deacons, who improved their record to 3-2.
Patty Travis (Mid-America)--President-Elect 5MetaCom, Cannel, IN (317) 564-2008
LCPO; LTJG Florendo, Food Service Officer; LTJG Richardson, Sales/ Disbursing Officer; SN Radosavljevic; FCSN Myers; SH2 Sims; SK3 Mercado; TM3 Henriquez; SK2(SW) Derrick; SKSA Bulmer; ET3 Draper; CSSN Bailey; SK2(SW) Fajardo; SK1(SW) Phommavongsa; CS1(SW) Baltazar; SK3 Wardlow; CS 1 Basco; SKC(SW) Gadon; SK1(SW) Williams; CS3 Cranford; SH3(SW)Gilbert; SN Vanderford; SKSN Cannel; SK1(SW) Boelter; SK3 Laxamana; CS2 Benedicto; CTT3 Bratter; OSSN Brzezinski; SHSN(SW) Tuitavake; CS3 Pless; SK2 Gutierrez; CS2(SW) Taylor; CS2 Conley; CS3 Stroud; CS3 White; CSSN Kim; DK2 Hernandez; and GSM3 Naidu.
I remember when there was just one sports cannel. Now, thank the Lord, there are dozens.
The wines join other Cannel wines in the U.S., such as Private Collection Cabernet Sauvignon, Galil 2000 ($20), Private Collection Merlot, Judean Hills 2000 ($20), Vineyards Selected Sauvignon Blanc, Dan 2002 ($10), Vineyards Selected Emerald Riesling 2002, Shomron ($10), Valley Petite Sirah Shomron 2000 ($9) and Muscato di Carmel 2002 ($8).
iManage takes a different approach by providing what Dan Cannel calls "a single integrated content repository for email and business content." iManage WorkSite combines workgroup collaboration and content management.
Steve Cannel (Birkenhead) was second with 4lb 10oz and Bill van Getting (Wallasey) third with 4lb 8oz.
Cannel offered numerous examples illustrating the fallibility of memory of which therapists should have been aware.