canned meat

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meat preserved in a can or tin

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Salty additives can be a deal-breaker when choosing canned meats, Manganiello says.
Traditionally, it has been thought that when the economy moves in one direction, sales of canned meat move the opposite way.
The new format will also appeal to younger consumers who may not be used to buying canned meat.
The Director of the Campaign's Office in Jordan, Sd Al-Swaid, said in a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that the distribution of the canned meat started since the advent of the holy month of Ramadan within the framework of the Campaign's food aid to Syrian refugees.
A member of the team from the Inspectorate Division demonstrates daily how a seam inspection for canned meat products is carried out to make sure that canned meat conforms to food safety standards.
It is just proof that shoppers are seeking out the best bang for their buck during the recession--and returning to the traditional supermarket center store mainstays such as canned meats and seafood items at the expense of trendy restaurants and specialty stores.
But with even canned meat costing far more than the beans most agencies now provide as a protein source, wildlife advocates are not optimistic.
The statement said ''3.2 tons of raw materials used to make the canned meat were contaminated.'' ''Shanghai Maling Aquarius Co.
A Georgia meat processor expanded its recall of canned meat products that may be connected to a botulism outbreak, according to a report from the Associated Press.
Canned vegetables and canned meat account for 14 percent and 12 percent of the market respectively.
Eight convoy trucks loaded with 90 tonnes of wheat flour, 15 tonnes of canned meat, blankets and shelter materials provided by Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF) were bound for Jezzine.
The deal also includes UB's Iberian canned meat, tomato, and fruit juice businesses under the well-known brand names Apis and Fruco as well as all seven UB manufacturing facilities and 1,300 employees in Iberia.
Currently canned meat contributes only 61.9% to the country's production of processed meat because of weak demand and heavy dependence on import for basic material.
A range of French goods will be on offer at the event, including a hot bread kitchen, homemade cakes and cheese, canned meat, confectionery and preserves.