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a hunt for animals that have been raised on game ranches until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections

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The US Humane Society believes that there are more than 1,000 canned hunting operations in the USA, while Traffic, the wildlife-trade monitoring network, reports that nearly 54,000 animals were killed in 2004 in South African canned hunts. In 2007, the South African government sought to toughen up regulations on canned hunting, although hunting organisations have taken the proposal to court.
We've all seen or heard the stories: "famous" hunters caught tagging genetically-engineered deer from another state to promote video sales; game farms that guarantee a trophy buck of "x" inches for "x" dollars; canned hunts. But there are more subtle violations of the unwritten rule that says, "Respect what you hunt.
AS an animal lover and People reader, I am urging you to end the cruel canned hunts taking place in South Africa.
The author informs readers about the little-known "canned hunts" and the slaughter of exotic zoo animals for sport and money in a suspenseful tale of murder, hate, and greed.
"We've restricted AZA institutions from sending any animals to auctions, canned hunts or other unsavory places," he explains.
Wisconsin state officials have issued warnings of the potential for the spread of brucellosis and tuberculosis to domestic livestock by large exotic ungulates brought in regularly, and Michigan's deer herds (where canned hunts are common) already carry the latter.
Honest, open policies that could be considered, such as mandating sterilization for all surplus, using surplus ungulates as feed for large carnivores, euthanasia, and overfly using surplus animals for canned hunts or medicinal markets, are discussed.
Please stay away from canned hunts; 5,000 acres under a high fence for whitetails is acceptable, but 2,000 acres for elk is not.
Don't get scared off by the mention of ranch hunting; not all are canned hunts. I hunted one plot of private ground encompassing 100 square miles and saw trophy class fallow, axis, rusa, and red deer, I'd compare hunting on many of these ranches to hunting farmland in the U.S., where low fences allow wildlife to come and go as they please.
According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the surplus animals are often euthanized or used for target practice at canned hunts. Even product animals like emus may eventually be slaughtered for no reason, if the supply increases while the demand stays limited.
Of those, 620 came from South Africa, and of those 620, more than half--366 --were killed in captive, canned hunts, where the lions are kept in a fenced-in area so that the hunter can shoot them easily.
The full horror of canned hunts was described to the Sunday People by undercover investigator Gareth Patterson.
But "canned hunts" are not only banned - they are even condemned by pro-hunting organisations like Safari Club International.
It wasn't until about six months afterwards I started reading about the place and canned hunts. There wasn't much information about and I had trusted what the package agency had told me.
The Drakenstein Lion Park rescues captive beasts destined for canned hunts. It is billed as the "only genuine lion sanctuary in the Western Cape".