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For each canned product segment, The FOODNEWS Canned Foods World Trade Review 2011 will contain a commentary and the following graphs and tables:
There is a strong incentive for retailers to address center store sales declines by leading with canned foods.
Although this means all food will rise in price, canned foods are likely to be relatively less affected than fresh food.
What do you do if you're a canned food manufacturer and your sales are a little slow?
Global Canned Food industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market share, market size data (value and volume 2006-10, and forecast to 2015), textual and graphical analysis of market growth trends, leading companies and macroeconomic information.
The first phase of the study discovered that moms want and need ideas for easy, quick and healthful meals that include the use of such short-cut ingredients as canned foods to speed preparation time; time-saving tips on healthful food preparation, ingredients and alternatives, methods and techniques; and cost-effective ways to help them get the most nutrition from their food dollar.
Add to this the tamper-proof nature of this type of packaging and you now have a serious list of product advantages that canned foods can offer.
The past month has seen Baxters, Glenryck UK, Bestfoods UK Ltd together with ICI Packaging Coatings join the new organisation, which aims to positively influence consumer perceptions of canned foods.
This Market Report Plus examines the UK canned foods market.
At the stores shoppers can sample a smoothie recipe made with canned fruit and find out ways to prepare canned foods via an educational recipe book.
As the chairman of Canned Food UK, the industry association set up to promote the benefits of canned food, I read with great interest the Focus on Canned Foods ('The drama is all in the can', The Grocer, 9 September, p45).
Since the middle of the last century, canned foods have made seasonal commodities economically available for year-round consumption, even thousands of miles away from where they were grown.
The author divides the canned foods market into eight main sectors: vegetables, fish, soup, meat, fruit, pasta, desserts, and cooking sauces.
The overall view of many people is that canned foods is in decline, but it isn't.