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Myth #1: Canned foods are not as healthy as fresh foods.
In total, seven types of products were confiscated, ranging from soft drinks to canned foods and which will be destroyed.
This makes canned foods more attractive for many picky cats.
The agency warned consumers that the canned food could be harmful to pets. 
"The Philippine Food and Drug Administration would like to inform the public to be wary of the following circulating unverified, misleading, and false information online and text messages concerning canned food products from Thailand allegedly not safe for consumption due to contamination with HIV," its stated.
While canned foods are cheaper and longer-lasting than the fresh variety, the BPA contained in their metal packaging has been linked to breast cancer, prostrate cancer, diabetes and heart disease, as well as birth defects
FSMA recognizes that FDA had already established regulations that are specific to seafood, juice and low-acid canned food long before FSMA went into effect.
every tuesday to collect donations of canned food items at the organization's "2-Can Tuesdays" event.
Today, you'll find canned foods labeled "BPA free" in many grocery stores--especially co-ops and health foods stores geared toward conscientious eaters.
Amniotic fluid allows foetal exposure to different chemicals from the mother with detectable level of phytoestrogens which are common in canned foods.
"Moms have, for generations, relied on canned foods to seal in the nutrition, freshness and flavor of their favorite foods, and recent innovations -- like easy-to-open and pull-tab lids, as well as metal cans being 100 percent recyclable -- have made them even more invaluable for today's families," says Sherrie Rosenblatt, the institute's VP of marketing and communications.
But if you're wondering why so many people put in so much time and effort to fill their pantries with home canned foods, let's look at some of the reasons.
The export of ajvar, pepper dips, compotes, fruit preserves and other canned foods is breaking records.
"Discard any canned foods that are bulging or corroded; they are unsafe to eat and may cause botulism ...