canna lily

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plants grown for their large bright yellow to red flowers

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The Canna lily has increased in popularity in recent years and can be divided and started into growth now in a heated glasshouse ready for summer use.
Remember to lift any Canna Lily rhizomes that may surround your pond and place them in a frost-free area to dry out.
The Canna lily forms a huge rhizome or fat root in the soil which you simply lift with a fork and carry into somewhere frost-free such as a shed or greenhouse, keeping the root just slightly damp during the winter.
A collection of five superb perennials, one each of decorative Geranium (above right), African Lily, Poppy, Canna Lily and Gypsophila.
For both colour and foliage there is nothing to beat the canna lily (Canna x generalis).