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any plant of the genus Canna having large sheathing leaves and clusters of large showy flowers

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Dig up bulbs and corms of non-hardy summer bulbs including gladioli and canna lilies for storing in a frost-free place over winter.
Try some Chinese ground orchids, blackberry lilies, canna lilies, elephant ears, lilies of the valley, crocosmias, hardy cyclamens, dahlias, summer hyacinths, gladioluses, day lilies, irises, or true lilies for a coordination of flowers through summer into fall.
A spectacular addition to the water garden would be Canna lilies, the most popular being Canna x generalis - a cross between Canna indica (Indian Shot) and Canna flaccida, with varieties bearing red, yellow, pink, orange and white flowers.
If the gate design is contemporary, this is the place to use bold plants such as yucca, ornamental grasses, and canna lilies. These plants would probably complement an art nouveau design, but then, such creative individuals would, no doubt, have their own ideas about landscaping.
Take canna lilies out of greenhouse and plant outside, providing taller accent plants in summer bedding displays.
Augustinegrass, Tifton 85 bermudagrass, common bermudagrass, canna lilies, iris, bamboo, bulrush, cattail, bordergrass, napiergrass, reeds, and maidencane.
Plant canna lilies grown in pots in the greenhouse outside now.
Canna lilies grown in pots in the greenhouse can now be planted outside, providing a dramatic contrast alongside smaller summer bedding.
The canny gardener's forte is Canna lilies. There are literally hundreds in his catalogue, some coming in from the Continent and others direct from America where they're a very popular plant.
Half-barrels were used for containers and they were planted up with Bishop of Llandaff dahlia and canna lilies. The almost black-leaved dahlia is a quality plant which will top 3ft before the frosts kick in.
Already, Weaver and colleagues have evaluated the suitability of canna lilies and other plants for wastewater treatment systems.
"We take plants like cattails, bulrush, and canna lilies and dig a ditch where we install the plants," Johnson says.
Although Canna lilies are normally a wetland plant and do not like to have dry roots, they will survive in Cyprus if they are well watered, so don't let them dry out between waterings.