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Synonyms for cankerous

having an ulcer or canker

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A cankerous chronicle of "Britain's worst medical shut-ins", it donned its hazmat suit and entered the homes of some of this country's most procrastinating potential patients.
Tender Lizzie could not bear To watch her sister's cankerous care Yet not to share.
Furthermore, to prevent recurrence of a plant disease in forthcoming years, cankerous branches are pruned off and burnt.
Confronted with implacable venality and corruption in the ruling Congress-led United Progressive Alliance, it has soldiered on to demand better governance and policies, all the while biding its time for when it could deal the cankerous polity a fatal blow.
But if the equivocation over Mehsud's death seems to be just another manifestation of the cankerous relationship between the two countries, albeit a particularly troubling one, it is rooted in a complex mix of psychology and politics that may be central to the way Pakistanis see their arch allies, the Americans.
In this respect, like many medieval and Renaissance jesters who learned the hard way, often becoming a meal for the king's hungry dogs after offending their royal and cankerous master, Hamlet must carefully monitor his behavior, juggling/judging when to 'let go' and 'hold on' to his satirical thoughts.
The silent minority knows this and that's why the majority of them remains silent, wanting as little as possible to do with our cankerous administration, wheeler dealer politicians and one-sided (we sleep with the Republic's elite only) judiciary.
I posit that, by raising the issue of miscegenation in the poem, the poet also points out another cankerous element within the fabricated Eden, which is hypocrisy.