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work made of interlaced slender branches (especially willow branches)

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I have known such bruising still visible six weeks after the caning that caused it.
incidentally, I remember my school days when canings, clips around the ear and having blackboard erasers thrown at you were common place, without a murmur from the education authorities.
Hishammuddin said Kartika's case had flagged concerns about how women should be flogged and that the recent canings demonstrated that the prisons department can carry out punishments in accordance with Islamic law.
He said that although the Islamic laws fixed between 40 to 80 canings for alcohol consumption, the Syariah Court had no jurisdiction to impose hudud sentences.
Beatings, whippings, canings, lynchings, labor riots at River Rouge, race riots in Tulsa, zoot suit riots in East L.
The anti-social behaviour that we see today would have been dealt with by a few canings.
The June canings were also the first since the province implemented Islamic law in 2001.
Canings, lashings, lost limbs, bodies dragged over concrete and then forced to jump into raw sewage - all reported by Iraqi athletes who later managed to flee the country.
Every television news organization had footage of a martial arts expert whacking the hell out of something, footage accompanied by voiceover narration about how canings slice the skin, draw blood, lead to fainting.
If you knew you were going to be hit with a ruler or a cane - especially if it took place in class when you were trying to teachers can canings because a pupil chatting have play the big man - it might make you think twice about doing something just to show off.
Pupils have been delving into their school's past in a special project and uncovered a world of punishment books, canings, traditional ink pots and pens, and the wartime crash landing of a German plane in the playground.
There haven't been any gunfights or canings recently among members of Congress, but manners have gotten bad enough that several lawmakers began circulating a resolution urging everyone to just be a little nicer.