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one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and the premolars

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A classification system has been determined in order to label canine tooth location and position once diagnosed as impacted tooth.
Caption: Figure 2: Laterolateral (oblique) head radiography of a maned wolf showing two unerupted maxillary canine teeth (the red arrow) and an unerupted right mandibular canine tooth (the blue arrow).
Extraction of the canine tooth can be simpler because it only has one root.
Although the canine tooth, notes Darwin, "no longer serves man as a special weapon" (Descent 59), for the human-animal vampire it remains an important feature of transgression and horror.
An orthodontic consultant referred a 13 years 7 months old Caucasian male because of gingival hyperplasia associated with his maxillary right canine tooth.
The case, presenting with head position and diplopia as well as trochlear swelling in physical examination in the postopetative first week, was diagnosed with canine tooth syndrome developing after surgical trauma.
It involves the use of a sharp canine tooth and is not for public display.
Additionally, her lower dentition was so abnormal that she needed a canine tooth to be removed so she could properly close her mouth.
If a canine tooth is snapped off high enough, it can expose the pulp cavity and lead to infection.
Push his lip under his canine tooth as he bites so he bites himself.
Carmichael, the most frequent causes of canine tooth fractures are products that are widely touted as being beneficial to a dog's dental health--nylon bones.
In 2004, an Icelandic geologist found a rare, well-preserved, 110,000-to-130,000-year-old, fossil jawbone and canine tooth in the Svalbard archipelago of Norway.
According to the literature, the canine tooth was the most frequent non-third molar impaction identified, followed by premolars and second molars (Ahlqwist & Grondahl, 1991; Miloro).
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