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one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and the premolars

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Later on, the left canine tooth was identified to have a darker color and hence bleaching treatment was applied.
Caption: Figure 2: Laterolateral (oblique) head radiography of a maned wolf showing two unerupted maxillary canine teeth (the red arrow) and an unerupted right mandibular canine tooth (the blue arrow).
The canine tooth can be injured in a fight or when being hit by a car, four-wheeler, etc., or when trying to chew or pull on chain link or other kennel materials.
It's an exuberantly large version of a canine tooth that grows in a spiral; the only tooth known to do so.
Bruzst suggested that the canine tooth bud is situated in front of the lower incisors and that facial growth pushes the canine towards the contralateral side [26].
In Descent, Darwin describes canine teeth in the human as "perfectly efficient instruments for mastication" but categorizes them as "rudimentary" because the canine tooth "no longer serves man as a special weapon for tearing his enemies or prey" (Descent 59).
While he was under anaesthetic more than a dozen experts inspected the polar's molars and performed root canal treatment on an infected canine tooth.
First, he yanked out a canine tooth, and then he began to drill.
Key Words: Ossifying fibroma, Canine Tooth syndrome, trochlear trauma
A dog can live without an incisor, for example, more easily than it can live without a canine tooth. The ones that I most strongly recommend preserving rather than pulling are the fang teeth and the carnassial teeth."
Q My daft cocker spaniel broke a canine tooth on a branch.
'' The first sign of pierolapithecus was a canine tooth turned up by a bulldozer clearing land.
The first sign of Pierolapithecus was a canine tooth turned up by a bulldozer that was clearing land for digging.
Place one hand on the cat's muzzle with the thumb just behind one canine tooth and the index finger behind the other canine tooth.
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