canine distemper

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a viral disease of young dogs characterized by high fever and respiratory inflammation

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Infection of eight mesocarnivores in New Hampshire and Vermont with a distinct clade of canine distemper virus in 2016-2017.
Caption: Puppies who were born in or brought to a shelter or rescue kennel at a very young age are at the greatest risk for contracting canine distemper virus (CDV).
Reverse-transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) has been applied successfully for detection of canine distemper virus (Agnihotri et al., 2017; Frisk et al., 1999; Saito et al., 2006; Shin et al., 2004) in various clinical samples such as faeces, whole blood, serum, cerebrospinal fluid etc.
RSPCA inspector Mike Scargill said: "Canine distemper is a very serious disease and sadly, not all puppies recover.
Kits should first be vaccinated against canine distemper at 6-8 weeks of age (4-6 weeks of age if kits are from unvaccinated mothers).
Nursing Labrador puppies got canine distemper, a relative of measles, after their mother got a booster shot.
* Canine distemper: A highly infectious disease that can cause signs ranging from a mild runny nose and eyes, to severe diarrhoea and fits or seizures.
Detection of canine distemper virus from lymphopenic dogs by RT- PCR amplification of nucleoprotein gene.
Those who aren't vaccinated could benefit from treatment with a drug that works like ERDRP-0519 does against canine distemper, he says, limiting new cases and lessening transmission.
The other than parasitic, livestock diseases were Diarrhoea, Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Calcium deficiency, Mastitis, Colic, Enterotoxaemia, Prolaps, Rheumatic fever, Milk fever, Newcastle disease, Retention of foetal membrane, Nasal discharge, Haemoraghic septicemia, An estrous, Laminitis, Strangles, Lactolith, Panting, Canine distemper, Indigestion, Paralysis, Allergy, Uterus pus, Loss of appetite , Tympany, Crop bound Condition, Teat stricture, , Rheumatism, Tail necrosis and gangrene, Black quarter , Fibrosis, Wound, Cough, String hault, Pneumonia, Sheep pox and Gid.
Tests on one dolphin carcass have uncovered possible signs of morbillivirus, an infection similar to canine distemper that ravaged East Coast dolphins during a 10-month span in 1987 and 1988.
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