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any of various fissiped mammals with nonretractile claws and typically long muzzles

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granulosus, offal from moose carcasses should be buried or burned to prevent scavenging by wild and domestic canids, and cooked or frozen before feeding to dogs.
Whatever is happening, the wild canids of Ontario are something of an alphabet soup of coyotes, wolves, and dogs.
The authors showed the diploid complements 74, 76 and 74 chromosomes from the three South American canids species - Speothos venaticus, Chrysocyon brachyurus and Cerdocyon thous, respectively.
Two neonates died <7 days post-capture (1 canid predation, 1 capture stress) and 4 winter-captured deer died from capture-related causes (1 fawn, 1 yearling, and 1 adult from myopathy; 1 yearling from collar trauma; Table 1), resulting in 6 deer being excluded from survival analyses.
35), a veterinarian who has done comparative work on the behavior of wolves and other canids, and wildlife biologist Roger Peters (1978), contend that wolves necessarily share humans' capacity for mentally mapping landscapes and forecasting the movements of other species, given the size of wolves' territories and the mobility of their preferred prey.
Taste is not important for canids, who test their food through smell and then gulp it down.
Sheepmen turned to the obvious solution, employment of guardian dogs to keep sheep safe from other canid predators.
The Eastern coyotes also may not be coyotes, but a hybrid of three types of canid subspecies.
The dog accompanying the king appears to represent a late occurrence of the canid as a symbol of human organisation and the domination of chaotic forces (Hendrickx 2006; compare also Darnell 2011: 1166-69), and speaks for an earlier date for the Hamdulab tableaux during the period of transition between pre-Dynastic iconography and Dynastic imagery because the dog no longer occurs in this context on the Scorpion mace head or the Narmer monuments.
Shipman analysed the results of excavations of fossilised canid bones from Europe, during the time when humans and Neanderthals overlapped.
The adult form of the Echinococcus tapeworm lives in the small bowel of dogs, wolves, and other definitive canid hosts.
In our comparisons, sooted aluminum track plates did not detect canid species such as coyotes or foxes, nor did they detect bobcats or domestic cats.
FL-22] "Great Cats and Rare Canids Act of 2005" To assist in the conservation of rare felids and rare canids (big cats and dogs) by supporting and providing financial resources for the conservation programs of nations within the range of rare felid and rare canid populations and projects of persons with demonstrated expertise in the conservation of rare felid and rare canid populations.