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an instrument of punishment formerly used in China for petty criminals

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(24) Pink Tear, the first English novella completed once Chang settled down in America, was the reworking of "The Golden Cangue," one of her short stories published in 1943.
Closely examining Chang's major literary works, "The Golden Cangue," "Jasmine Tea," "Blockade," and The Rice Sprout Song, Hsia praises Chang's contribution to modern Chinese literature.
(28) The translation of the The Golden Cangue by the author herself is available in Karen Kingsbury and Eileen Chang, Love in a Fallen City, 169-234.
home, the word should hangs around our necks like a cangue. Should.
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Also from Portuguese is cangue, although transmitted through French; in this case, the OED even denies the Chinese origin that was attributed to the word by Prof.
In subsequent years, the cangue (mobile stocks), torture, banishment, and corporal punishment of all kinds were outlawed and the last was replaced by fines.
YU-MIN CHEN (Indiana University), "Body, Money, and Power in Feudal China: Ideological Mutation in Eileen Chang's 'The Golden Cangue"'
There must be few readers who need to be told the meaning of such words as guinea, strumpet, hawser and pox, but, on the other hand, many who might welcome a definition of such exotic commodities as benzoin and sappanwood, a precise description of the cangue, and an explanation of the ingredients and properties of betel.
Maxx has stores at six other locations in Puerto Rico: Plaza del Norte in Hatillo, San Patricio Plaza in Guaynabo, Plaza Carolina Mall, Plaza Rio Hondo in Bayamon, Villa Blanca Shopping Center in Cangues and Ponce Mall.
En el terreno decorativo, aunque ambos yacimientos exhiben un predominio de la tecnica incisa, Os Remedios muestra una mayor variabilidad en este aspecto (y tambien en el morfologico), manifiesta en la significativa presencia de decoraciones plasticos y, sobre todo, de piezas campaniformes, completamente ausentes en el yacimiento cangues.
Those who were found guilty were flogged, mounted on oxen, with cangues fixed around their necks, handed them over to different district headquarters for life imprisonment.
Both Vachet in the 1670s and Poivre in 1749-50 described recruits locked in cangues to stop them escaping en route to the camps.