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Synonyms for cane

a fairly long straight piece of solid material used especially as a support in walking

Synonyms for cane

a stick that people can lean on to help them walk

a strong slender often flexible stem as of bamboos, reeds, rattans, or sugar cane

a stiff switch used to hit students as punishment

Related Words

beat with a cane

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My collections try to capture the emotion and legacy of each client and space," said Eli Caner - Founder and Creative Director of Lady and Butler.
In recent months, however, skeptics began unearthing documents and statements by Caner contradicting his claims.
The causes of Wilms' tumour are unknown and if the caner comes back, it is usually within the first two years.
The history of early monasticism that Caner tells is thus a very different one from that usually told by historians of the medieval West, who too often still simply repeat what the standard medieval monastic writers have to say about the origins of monasticism in the deserts of Egypt and Syria.
The Caners should be applauded for compiling information on such a diverse group of people, and the work does achieve its goal in giving a "sketch" of each president.
He reminded that tobacco accounts for 80% of all deaths due to chronic obstructive lung disease, 30% of cancer deaths from all kinds, particularly lung caner and 20% of all coronary heart disease deaths.
In a study involving nearly 4,000 patients published last year in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Professor Gerhard Opelz, Caner Suesal, MD, and colleagues of the Heidelberg University Hospital found that the higher the soluble CD30 level, the more likely a rejection reaction.
Moreover, if a person is denied a mortgage loan because of bad credit, Caner will refer them to the New York-based Budget and Credit Counseling Service (BUCCS), which helps customers repair their credit.
It also reveals higher-than-expected rates of lung caner -- which, unlike leukemia and childhood cancers, usually takes many years to develop.
Highlighting the event will be a keynote address and performance from Ed Caner, violinist/fiddler and Director, of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Programs (STEP) at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).
Our coach is also new," versatile Fenerbahce defender and midfielder Caner Erkin said.
KARACHI -- Rising air pollution is badly affecting health of people in Karachi and if urgent steps are not taken to reduce it, the citizen will face serious health hazardous like caner, lung, heart and respiratory diseases.
He leaves three beloved daughters, Ellen Derry, Ann Caner and her husband Radames Caner, and Joanie Derry; three wonderful brothers, Peter, James and John Derry as well as seven loving grandchildren: Thomas Wood, Nicole Ouellette, Daniel Caner, Julia Caner, Mary Ellen Caner, Andrew Derry-Farrell and Thomas Derry-Farrell and one great grandson, Brandon Preston.
Ukraine had no answer as Turkey, who missed out on this summer's competition, ran out winners in Ingolstadt, Germany, thanks to goals from Caner Erkin and Mustafa Pektemek.
The Girls Aloud caner split from DJ Tom, 31, after a series of bust-ups on boozy nights out - but she is now determined to get her life back on track.