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a wood rabbit of southeastern United States swamps and lowlands

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However, this work was not really to his liking, with the routine paperwork and his inability to communicate with his patients, most of whom were Pondo canecutters. He longed for the intimacy of private practice and the warm relationships he developed with his patients.
His Love for the cane never slipped, not even in the worst moments of the Special Period, when there wasn't enough fuel, when there were shortages of tires and parts for the machines, of fertilizer, of chemicals to combat pests and weeds, of clothes and shoes for the canecutters and even of Food.
Hear me well, the day that we are not walking alongside the poorest among you, the humblest, the canecutters who right now are working with your children in the harvest, on that day you have the right to say to us,--Bishops, you have turned traitor to the faithful.--" Where David Stoll gives voice to Guatemalan campesinos recruited by the military project, Daniel Wilkinson tries but fails to see the collective struggle named by the bishop.
I can find no record of any performance, despite Patrick White's view that if a play could 'shout at audiences "in the accents of canecutters, and show them everything in terms of photographic realism",' it would be successful.
These organisations were initially formed from the wives of strikers in the North Queensland canecutters' strike in 1935.