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a dense growth of cane (especially giant cane)

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The teddy bear brings melodramatic pleasure to adults because it exists for the purpose of returning the supposed gift of human love received from Roosevelt on that terrifying day in the 1902 swampy canebrake of the Mississippi Delta.
Despite a variety of limitations (Noss, 1985; Whitney and DeCant, 2001), these surveys provide a starting point for developing maps of historical vegetation, including canebrakes.
The goal of this study was to characterize the distribution of historic canebrakes in Alabama.
Mammals also were the most diverse prey taken by the canebrakes with five families and 13 species represented (Table I).
Three species of squirrels were taken as prey by the canebrakes (Table I), with the most interesting being an adult flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans).
Collins escaped by crawling on his stomach through the canebrakes.
Many black residents fled with their whole families into the cover of the thick delta canebrakes.
So far she's found that canebrakes live inside tree-root holes, mate in early spring, and give birth to live offspring (unlike many other egg-laying snakes).
I just finished working on a project with the Virginia canebrake and copperhead snakes," she says.
Towering hardwoods, canebrakes, and hooded warblers are only a few of the resources at risk in this green remnant drowning in an agricultural sea.
Several shrubs and vines are also common, and there is local intergradation with canebrakes (type l).
According to the surveyors, an immense change had taken place in the landscape encountered by the early nineteenth-century travelers who had unanimously described the Delta as an almost unbroken expanse of old-growth forest and canebrakes, teeming with diverse wildlife.
recover Hampton plantation from the canebrakes and live out my days as a just man and little father to the faithful Negroes working in the field" (p.
the river and the road, have their rendezvous in the canebrakes near Walnut
I have information that a set of pirates and robbers, who alternately infest the river and the road, have their rendezvous in the canebrakes near Walnut Hills.