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Synonyms for trash

Synonyms for trash

a group of persons regarded as the lowest class

to injure or destroy (property) maliciously


Synonyms for trash

worthless people

an amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride

express a totally negative opinion of

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In addition, the large amounts of cane trash retained on the soil surface were found to increase [N.sub.2]O, most likely by acting as a source of biologically available C and N and maintenance of wet soil conditions due to reduced evaporative water loss (Wang et al.
The other waste, cane trash constitutes 10 percent of the sugarcane crop.
Leaving aside wastages - 9% cane trash for power generation.
Ng Kee Kwong KF, Deville J, Cavalot PC, Riviere V (1987) Value of cane trash in nitrogen nutrition of sugarcane.
Several trial sites examining the effect of these systems have now been operating for ~10 years, making it possible to assess the effect of green cane trash management in combination with NT on TOC stocks.
This study examined the effect of NT and/or green cane trash management on TOC stocks at four sugarcane trial sites in Queensland, Australia, to assess the potential of these management practices to increase soil carbon sequestration in sugarcane soils over 0-0.1 and 0-0.3 m depths.
Agricultural resi-dues which can be used as fuel are: wheat straw, rice husk and straw, cane trash and cotton sticks and plant residue.
Sutton MR, Wood AW, Saffigna PG (1996) Long term effects of green cane trash retention on Herbert River soils.
Weier KL, Rolston DE, Thorburn PJ (1998) The potential for N losses via denitrification beneath a green cane trash blanket.
Soil samples were collected in 1995 from the long-term green cane trash blanket trial which is being conducted on a Typic Tropaquept soil at the Tully Experiment Station, Queensland.