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Synonyms for candymaker

someone who makes candies and other sweets


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And I don't report directly to my father," says candymaker Sweet-Martin.
Meanwhile, a shipment of bananas from South America got candymaker Sue Mankin thinking about her childhood and craving a favorite summertime treat.
He is an active confectionery industry leader and a fourth generation candymaker whose great grandfather began making candy in 1869.
The film stars Oscar-nominated Johnny Depp ("Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl") as ingenious candymaker Willy Wonka, marking the actor's fourth collaboration with director Burton.
The candymaker paid to have a school, brick homes and a park built.
Candymaker M&M-Mars is hoping, in an ad debuting before the Super Bowl kickoff Sunday, to breathe new life into an old myth that green-coated M&Ms hold the powers of an aphrodisiac.
Led by Willy Wonka, the most famous candymaker in fiction, the program combines showmanship, magic and audience participation.
com has also increased its partnerships with major, national sponsors, including MCI/Telecom/USA and Applebee's Grill & Bar for the IMAs, New Line Cinema and candymaker Smint for last year's "The 30 Days of Austin Powers" promotion, and Paramount and Armani Exhange for June's Shaft "Can Ya Dig It?
Robin Hooper Phillips, daughter of the company's founder and one of the sellers, will be a consultant to the candymaker in marketing, customer relations and quality control.
Coast candymaker Cranberry Sweets & More has expanded its Coos Bay factory at 1005 Newmark Ave.
With this in mind, Katzman thinks those companies in highly concentrated, rational categories should be okay in such an environment including candymaker Hershey Foods Corp.
Haribo was established in 1920 in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia state, by trained candymaker Johannes "Hans" Riegel Senior, the company name a composite of "Ha" for Hans, "Ri" for Riegel and "Bo" for Bonn.
USA) Hank treats a spin instructor; Divya helps a successful candymaker who's facing unexpected challenges; Hank grows impatient with Killer Keller's negotiating tactics; Divya and Jeremiah try to better share their space; and Evan is upset when Paige makes a major purchase.
William Hardaker, known to locals as "Humbug Billy", sold sweets he had bought from candymaker Joseph Neal, who would cut prices by using a substance called "daft" instead of more expensive sugar.