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an apple that is covered with a candy-like substance (usually caramelized sugar)

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Its giddy Play-Doh colors are manufactured, so rich and bright that they could hardly exist outside toy stores and candy counters: every red is a smooth candy-apple red, and every pink is a squishy bubble-gum pink" (45, 46).
The company marked the occasion during the International Home & Housewares Show with a new version of the product that started it all, a stand mixer colored in candy-apple red. As a tribute to earlier models, the new version has a clear glass bowl in place of the stainless steel bowl seen on more recent models.
Red Rod[TM], the first new design, features hot rod flame graphics over candy-apple red metalflake paint.
Elliott and Sarah were whisked away to the reception held at the home of the bride's parents in a 1976 candy-apple red thunderbird convertible.
The winning bidder, who preferred to remain anonymous, paid $19,800 for the candy-apple red 2006 Dodge Charger with 21,000 miles, flashy 22-inch rims and leather interior on eBay.
The officer who pulled over a candy-apple red Mustang GT about 10 miles west of Oshkosh, Wis., took maybe two seconds thinking about that question, then just smiled and asked the upset driver, "Can you point to your house from here?"
And this year's offerings, ranging from the blazing hot candy-apple red to more subtle, sensuous reddish hues (i.e.
She sent temperatures soaring with a blistering performance after changing into a candy-apple red miniskirt and long sleeve top.
Lavishly chrome plated, painted in candy-apple red and traditional in design, the Lightning, along with the Triumph Bonneville, satisfied until the Honda CB750 hit in 1969 -- the year this BSA was made -- and changed everything.
You'd have to have your eyes closed tight not notice the gusty, candy-apple red garage door of the Los Angeles house that "The Mentalist" star Robin Tunney has on the open market, at $1,399 million.
Bill Castro of Methuen had a duster to constantly polish his all-custom, candy-apple red 1969 Malibu Pro Street.
Candy-apple red was used to convey a "daring, yet fun look" to capture a younger consumer.
The Dust Devil is a cordless hand vac that will now be available in candy-apple red. The Broom Vac Extra and the Dust Devil Deluxe hand vac are now available with "touches of cloud blue."