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a volunteer worker in a hospital

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A resident of Shrewsbury most of her life, she enjoyed traveling to her native country, Lithuania, was a volunteer at UMass Medical Center, Worcester, in the registration area and was a candy striper.
She was an active member of the Lower Umpqua Hospital Auxiliary and was responsible for implementing the candy striper program at the hospital.
Joey Belladonna of Anthrax performs with Candy Striper Death Orgy at 6:30 p.
Become a counselor for tots at your community center, or suit up candy striper style at a hospital.
Trauco's love and compassion for people both living and dead inspired her to volunteer as a candy striper at Wake Medical Center's emergency room.
Nancy started volunteering when she was fourteen, as a candy striper in a convalescent home.
She's been candy striper, stewardess, and doctor-and remains the nation's best-selling doll.
When I was 13, I was a hospital candy striper in Carson City, Nev.
The fourth site was a candy striper program for high school students at a large, metropolitan, Midwestern hospital (candy stripers are hospital volunteers who perform such tasks as playing with children on the pediatric floor and reading to patients).
In addition to these activities, she found time to volunteer as a candy striper at the Jennings Community Hospital.
He forms a friendship with a candy striper at the hospital, and gradually decides to come clean about how he contracted HIV--it was from a brief relationship with a college girl, and not from a transfusion, as his family had told everyone.
My favorite is the ``Hottie Totties Handy Candy Pre-Teen,'' which features a long-legged preteen model as a porn movie version of a candy striper seductively holding a stethoscope.
I admired his strenght and character because he broke the color barrier in baseball," says Nicole, who also volunteers as a candy striper.