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any of several bite-sized candies

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This year for the cancer walk a team called "Sue's Candy Kisses'' was formed and everyone walked in her memory.
As a part of her Valentine's Day she visited several florists in her region, leaving candy kisses and her latest brochure so they will remember her when brides want referrals to the best wedding calligrapher in the area.
In one of them, we see nine off-white forms with matte surfaces that recall candy kisses and two egg shapes that could well be made of pure sugar.
And there are even recipes perfect for kid's parties such as peppermint candy kisses, chocolate hedgehogs, and fairy Pavlova rolls.
Even so, those other four are also very highly recommended for fans of the romance genre and include: "Mandy and the Mayor" (9780803495340, $23.95); "Love Undercover" (9780803494725, $23.95); "Candy Kisses" (9780803498341, $23.95); and "Bachelor Father" (9780803494138, $23.95).
2 Which duo had a 1975 UK Top Ten hit with Sugar Candy Kisses? 3 Which former drummer from Splitz Enz and Crowded House was found hanged in a Melbourne park in March 2005?
The display included a prepack with Orly Candy Kisses nail gloss and shimmers for toes at $5.95 each.
All 11 tracks are good or better, but Sugar Candy Kisses is particularly good and Pills is a corker.
However, don't despair, you will be eased into the season gently with pastel and pretty light versions like those seen here; all sugar candy kisses and expressly feminine.
Other ideas for centers: Replace candy kisses with candy milk chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, dried cherries or candied cherries; proceed as directed.
It 'tis so candy kisses. Ah knowed you had somethin' for me in yo' clothes.
is used in peanut butter candy kisses and can be substituted for up to 20% of the peanut butter content in peanut butter baking chips.
This will be Tarasov's first visit to Hershey and he'll find that there are not many places in Russia that have street lights shaped like candy kisses. The Sharks hope he enjoys the trip and hope even more that he gets to play.
In each box, she places candy kisses in small unbreakable jars, encloses a small message and then fills the cardboard box with red paper shreds.
If there is something she really likes--cookies, candy kisses, pizza--she won't tell me that she is eating the last slice or piece.