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Add finishing touches such as candy eggs or ribbon.
From classic chocolate bunnies - an Easter basket staple that 77 percent of Americans agree must be eaten ears-first** - to candy eggs in every shape and size, the mouth-watering collection features something for everyone.
They're offering an attractive, colorful papier-mache novelty egg filled with assorted candy eggs (6.
Or try a Rice Krispies marshmallow mixture cut in carrot shapes or chocolate-coated peanut butter or coconut candy eggs.
The recipes can be completed in steps, so you can start now and finish in a day or two (be sure to refrigerate the candy eggs, Krispies and nests) before arranging in colorful baskets.
If time is limited, round out the baskets with some store-bought items like chocolate bunnies and colored, foil-wrapped candy eggs - or even a few muffins, some English toffee, chocolate truffles, chocolate chip cookies and the like.
Unlike hard-boiled or candy eggs, these mementos make for a lasting Easter memory, plus they're sugarless and low in cholesterol.
Photo: (1--Color) Coconut Cookie Nests filled with candy eggs make a festive Easter dessert and table centerpiece.
Photo: (color) Jordan Backman, 5, looks for candy eggs at t he annual Easter egg hunt at Mae Boyar Park in Agoura.
To create Coconut Cookie Nests filled with chocolate candy eggs, start with a simple cookie dough.