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Sallie created a tablescape for the luncheon that was layered with individual place settings of blue and white china with bunnies, placed atop green cabbage-leaf placemats, and each accompanied by a small boxwood topiary arrangement dotted with candy eggs. The centerpiece was a gathering of small flowerpots with fresh spring blooms and a unique collection of glass and straw bunnies.
If you are looking for an Easter gift, check out LCN's range of Polish Cubes, including Candy Eggs & Butterflies, PS19.55, which contains four pastelcoloured polishes and a sheet of tiny motifs.
London, United Kingdom, February 28, 2013 --( With Easter approaching, many are thinking about candy eggs and chocolate bunnies.
1 egg dye brand, has resulted in three new Easter candies designed to replicate the "dyed egg" look: "Splashed" Malted Milk Eggs in five ice-creme flavors, "Painted" Fruit Snack Treats in four flavors, and "Decorated" Candy Eggs in five Smoothie flavors.
Giving candy eggs at Easter might seem like a harmless extension of that tradition, but it's one that can harm the health of both children and the environment.
After students make their chickens, make a small clay egg for each box as a surprise for students (or use candy eggs).