candy cane

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a hard candy in the shape of a rod (usually with stripes)

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"The reason I came back was to keep art," said Murphy, whose efforts brought national recognition when Candy Cane Lane was featured on the television show "Christmas Light Fight."
To make, combine hot chocolate, triple sec and Smirnoff Peppermint Twist in a mug, Stir and serve with a candy cane, and garnish with a candied orange peel.
The Candy Cane has vodka, mint liquor, strawberry liquor, cranberry juice and is garnished with icing sugar and a candy cane.
I've looked everywhere to purchase traditional candy canes without success.
The Candy Cane has vodka, mint liquor, strawberry liquor and cranberry juice, and is garnished with icing sugar and a candy cane.
Just looking at a box of candy canes makes me want to put my tree up and watch Elf as he travels through the candy cane forest!
Los Angeles, CA, November 02, 2016 --( Midori is proud to introduce its latest ribbon holiday collections: Sparkle and Candy Cane, which add a festive feeling to any gift or occasion.
Club L Candy Cane Merry Christmas Jumper, PS18, ASOS Super cute and its fun burst of colour, and traditional print will make you feel festive and ready for the Christmas period, while staying lovely and warm.
Formed in 1997, the First Liberty Institute (which added "First" to its name in 2016) came to prominence in the early 2000s for pursuing what became known as the "Candy Cane Lawsuit" against a Plano public school that banned a student from distributing religious-themed candy cane pens.
The shape of the candy cane signifies the shepherds' staff which guides the sheep.
The company is also engaged in the Canadian Easter novelty chocolate segment and the Canadian Candy Cane market.
He hints at his Doctor Who past, drawing a candy cane in the design of a festive question mark.
After that, the difficulty level goes up with our Candy Cane Martini.