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a hard candy in the shape of a rod (usually with stripes)

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New, unwrapped toys can be dropped off on our porch, or just come walk Candy Cane Lane.
Nearly 80 percent of parents report that they have a plan in place to help their children make smart decisions when it comes to enjoying gum drops, candy canes and other seasonal treats.
CANDY CANE MARTINI (MEDIUM) WE couldn't do party cocktails without that quintessential festive treat - the candy cane - which we've incorporated into a classic martini.
Candy Cane Martini from the Cocktail Project in Newcastle, and mixologists Chris and David, inset
8220;We know that Triangle Dairy Queen's customers will love our new Candy Cane Blizzard flavor for the holidays,” said Andrew Valkanoff, owner and operator of Mad Treats, Inc.
The North Hollywood family was touring Candy Cane Lane for the first time Wednesday.
1/2 cup crushed candy canes OR hard peppermint candies
Children will each receive a free candy cane and a gift.
The brownie is finished with an elegant and festive drizzle of white and red mint, reminiscent of a holiday candy cane and can be purchased individually for $1.
Wielding magical White Lightening chalk, the quick-on-the-draw 10-year-old regularly climbs through a portal in the blackboard and enters a realm filled with the likes of diabolical robots, mumbo-jumbo snakes, gum-chewing spiders and candy cane forests.
We have 20 lockers full of decorations and animatronics, with a waving Santa and a candy cane car.
Get in the holiday spirit this December by taking your family to Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills.
Here are some other Christmas drinks: Candy Cane Shooter 1/2oz grenadine 1/2oz creme de menthe 1/2oz peppermint schnapps Layer in that order in a cordial or shooter glass.
The new collection comprises of candy canes, Christmas trees, and other confectioneries, with the Candy Cane Christmas Tree being the highlight of the collection.
Unemployment may be high and the economy still fragile, but the recession has not taken a bite out of Candy Cane Lane.