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a hard candy in the shape of a rod (usually with stripes)

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The lawsuit contended Justin's card is student speech and part of a broad, balanced Christmas party where other students distributed candy canes, cards, and other gifts.
Whale is a typical denizen of Candy Cane Lane - a half-mile-square area of Woodland Hills, just north of the Ventura Freeway and east of Winnetka Avenue.
1/2 cup crushed candy canes OR hard peppermint candies
Prop up the card with the written name on your candy cane stand.
I've looked everywhere to purchase traditional candy canes without success.
Midori's sweet Candy Cane Ribbon carry's the Holiday spirit of any righteous elf, adding a cheerful addition to your creations.
AUBURN -- To see Santa and stroll down Candy Cane Lane, visit the Manning family's home at 12 Reithel St.
The candy cane is a symbol of the love of Jesus, our Shepherd, who was born to show us the way to get back home to heaven.
After that, the difficulty level goes up with our Candy Cane Martini.
CANDY CANE MARTINI (MEDIUM) WE couldn't do Christmas cocktails without that quintessential festive treat - the candy cane - which we've incorporated into a classic martini.
THESE candy cane and wrathe pom pom Christmas Tree decorations look so effective and yet are so simple to make.
With merry flavors, including decadent Gingerbread Kiss and fresh and minty Candy Cane, individual packages ($1.
Here are some other Christmas drinks: Candy Cane Shooter 1/2oz grenadine 1/2oz creme de menthe 1/2oz peppermint schnapps Layer in that order in a cordial or shooter glass.
2 (Jelly Bean), which shows a Candy Cane as one of the images.
The new collection comprises of candy canes, Christmas trees, and other confectioneries, with the Candy Cane Christmas Tree being the highlight of the collection.