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a candy shaped as a bar

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The concept is simple: In place of one or two meals a day, you eat what amounts to a vitamin-fortified candy bar along with a glass of water.
24 January 2019 - Massachusetts, US-based Duck Soup has acquired NECCO's Sky Bar Candy Bar, the company said.
And with a wide selection of beer from craft breweries all over the UK alongside classic world beers, Candy Bar is as sweet as they come.
The Candy Bar opened its doors on Friday and attracted thousands of customers to the shop, after offering free milk shakes as part of its launch celebrations.
The Candy Bar is a salon des the that serves some of the most creative desserts in town including a pistachio and saffron croissant, lotus cake and kunafas to name a few!
While relaxing, guests can breathe in the luxe fresh air courtesy of refreshsht while getting a sugar fix from the candy bar with chocolate and candy supplied by Chocola Chocola.
Snickers--The name of this candy bar has nothing to do with giggles.
The researchers believe that eating a candy bar might be a good idea if spouses are about to discuss something touchy, but that fruits and vegetables are a better long-term strategy for keeping blood sugar levels up.
Accomplishments Founder of Dylan's Candy Bar retail stores and brand; author of Dylan's Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet life; daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren
Mark came up with the strategy during the annual Student Council candy bar drive.
Some participants answered an "intention question" (How likely are you to purchase a candy bar in the near future?), while others answered an attitude question (How positive or negative are you about the candy bars available to you?).
Candy Bar Girls, 10pm Candy Bar Girls, 10pm 6.00 Milkshake!
Regulars at The Candy Bar, in London's Soho, will feature in the show on Channel 5 this spring.