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Synonyms for candour

Synonyms for candour

the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech

ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty

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Mark Drakeford has duty of candour RE: 'Drakeford agonised over best way forward for troubled Trust'.
TRIBUTES have been paid to the "candour and courage" of witnesses who have given evidence of abuse they suffered while in residential childcare.
01 In 2014, the General Optical Council (GOC) signed up to a joint statement with other healthcare regulators which outlined our expectations of professional duty of candour from our registrants.
The headline proposal around a statutory duty of candour to apply to the health service is something the BMA strongly supports and we've called for this over a number of years.
Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, calls candour the 'dirty little secret' in business which can chain an organization to mediocrity if it is not developed.
Shocking candour DR Steve Ollerton's candour in the Examiner was refreshing but shocking.
Mr Justice Treacy also held there had been a "very troubling lack of candour" and an attempt by the DUP politician to conceal the fact he had taken a decision to maintain the prohibition.
The UK Government is presently considering introducing a Duty of Candour for doctors.
HOSPITALS will have a new "duty of candour" to tell patients when they have made mistakes with care.
The applicant's candour in disclosing past conduct or lack of candour about past conduct may affect the outcome of the admission application.
She says if it were not for the candour of the owners, she would not have pursued the idea.
No candour is permitted in this area of human relations.
A sixth essay by Yorke's erstwhile partner David Allford provides a personal memoir that conveys the man's character as a work colleague with freshness and candour. The illustrations are good quality, if generally familiar, all black and white, and include at least as many buildings by others as by Yorke himself.
* High performance standards, innovative problem solving, training and development practices, candour and openness and teamwork.