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Synonyms for candour

Synonyms for candour

the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech

ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty

References in classic literature ?
Stupid nonsense, and in a matter which ought to be approached with all candour and open- heartedness.
John was established, for although she fluctuated between irritation and interest in a way that did credit to the candour of her disposition, she liked his company on the whole.
They all gathered round him in affright, so alarming was his agitation; and with a fine candour he told them what he had hitherto concealed.
Here is a convincing proof--if you would but have the sense to see it, or the candour to acknowledge it--that he does not care for you.
As he told him, in the brutal candour he could afford under such changed conditions: "Doc, you're a wonder.
Jessie, with a candour that caused revolving Rose to stop in dismay.
A spirit of candour and frankness, when wholly unaccompanied with coarseness, he admired in others, but he could not acquire it himself.
Those," he said, "came nearer to the Scripture meaning, who understood by it candour, or the forming of a benevolent opinion of our brethren, and passing a favourable judgment on their actions; a virtue much higher, and more extensive in its nature, than a pitiful distribution of alms, which, though we would never so much prejudice, or even ruin our families, could never reach many; whereas charity, in the other and truer sense, might be extended to all mankind.
And that, s very bravely said," he cried, in a great admiration of my candour.
So, in a word, Briggs told all her history, and Becky gave a narrative of her own life, with her usual artlessness and candour.
Personal faintness, and an overpowering personal candour, were the distinguishing features of Mrs.
Things cannot too soon be put upon the footing,' said she, with a candour so demonstrative as to be almost obtrusive, 'that the person of the 'ouse is not a box nor yet a bundle, nor a carpet- bag.
Interpret my words with candour and answer me, I conjure you, with confidence and sincerity.
He looked into the unfathomable candour of her eyes.
Miggs said this with an air of uncommon candour and concern; but the parlour-door was standing open, and as Gabriel very well knew for whose ears it was designed, he regarded her with anything but an approving look as he passed in.