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an implement with a small cup at the end of a handle

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Along with porcelain teapots and copper candlesnuffers, the inventories locate Indian Ocean slaves in the Cedarberg.
At the end of the meal, use a candlesnuffer to put out the flame, lifting the snuffer high so the smoke can rise.
Those working offstage include the barber, bill carrier, billsticker, callboy, caber, candlesnuffer, candlewoman, charwoman, concessionaire, constable, cook, dresser, featherman, guard, lampman, messenger, music caller, music porter, numberer, plumber, scene painter, scowrer, sweeper, treasurer, watchman, and wigmaker, as well as the various "keepers": of box, box office, gallery door, hall, house, instrument, lobby, lobby door, office, pit, pit office, and scene.
"They knew that they were no other than the candlesnuffers, revolutionary scene shifters, second and third mob, prompter, clerks, executioners, who stand with their axe on their shoulders by the wheel, grinners in the pantomime, murderers in tragedies, who make ugly faces under black wigs--in short the very scum and refuse of the theatre."