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Synonyms for candle

the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

examine eggs for freshness by holding them against a light

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In October 1918, my grandfather Edmund Candler wrote to his brother Henry from London (1) as follows: "I lunched with Conrad yesterday.
My subject, of course, is not these, but the eight letters from Joseph Conrad to Candler which we know have survived.
I have compared the copies of the originals obtained from the Pierpont Morgan Library with my 1957 copies and those published by Henry Candler and have found no material differences, although Henry Candler has added some helpful notes and supplied the address "Spring Grove, Wye" in one case where the printed letter-head "Capel House" has been crossed out by Conrad, and in two cases where there is no address on the originals.
Edmund Candler did not regard himself or anything that he did as particularly remarkable.
Candler was born on 27 January 1874, the eighth and youngest child of Dr.
Candler left teaching in 1914 and spent the War years in journalism, first in France and then in Mesopotamia, and finally on the roving commission for The Times, mentioned above.
Of his own works, Conrad comments to Candler on The Arrow of Gold, The Rescue, and The Rover.
The shopping center is located across from the River Ridge Mall at 3700 Candlers Mountain Road.