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Synonyms for candle

the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

examine eggs for freshness by holding them against a light

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While at the time this paper was conceived the letters were not easily accessible (Henry Candler's Memoir, where most of them were published, is out of print), this has changed so far as the first four letters are concerned as a result of the publication of Volume 6 of Conrad's Collected Letters which contains those dated 12 November 1918, and 14 and 21 June, and 8 August 1919.
Edmund Candler did not regard himself or anything that he did as particularly remarkable.
Candler was born on 27 January 1874, the eighth and youngest child of Dr.
Candler left teaching in 1914 and spent the War years in journalism, first in France and then in Mesopotamia, and finally on the roving commission for The Times, mentioned above.
They deal mainly with Conrad's own or Candler's writings, but also refer to practical matters, such as visits.
This seems to have been Conrad's second reading of Siri Ram, as Henry Candler's view that Conrad was referring to that novel in his earlier letter of 12 November 1918 is supported by references to it in Conrad's letters to James Pinker of 11 October and 22 November 1918 (Collected Letters 6:303 and 309).
(421) (13) We are thus warned, and may make up our own minds whether Conrad's praise for Candler's work was sincere, but Candler must have been very pleased with the criticisms he received from Conrad.
In the case of most of Conrad's friends, the circumstances of their first meeting is well documented, but this is not so in the case of Candler. In his letter to Candler of 21 June 1919 Conrad reminded the latter of his "affectionate regard" for him, which was, he said, "a sentiment of old standing." He continued:
Although Conrad is reputed not to have had a good memory for dates, and confessed that he had to refer to his wife to find out when he first met Stephen Crane, (16) "one fifth of a century" before Conrad wrote these words takes us back to 1899, which, as it turns out, is exactly the year in which Candler returned from the East for the first time.