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luminous intensity measured in candelas

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Delivered beams are up to 18,000 center beam candlepower and 1,200 lumens.
If one inspects the candlepower distribution table of the parabolic and the lensed luminaire, it is evident that the lensed luminaire has more light in the 0 to 10 deg zone than the parabolic luminaire, which causes the glare referred to.
And here an important disclaimer: Raw candelas, lumens or candlepower doesn't really mean much, as we found in our brightness trials.
Early on, the Army discovered that the strength of the beam did not outrange enemy artillery but possessed enough candlepower to illuminate incoming aircraft.
Salas (later President Marcos' first executive secretary), organized 'candlepower brigades' to guard the ballot boxes during induced precinct blackouts.
And except for the (borrowed) diamonds that crowned the bride's head, the solitaire on her finger, the studs on her ears, and the bracelet on her wrist, I have seen more candlepower, or carat power, at many a wedding in Manila!
(35) The small subset of truly difficult questions command a disproportionate amount of the time and candlepower of judges, tall-building lawyers, and law professors.
Yankee Candle has launched its first experiential pop-up CandlePower by Yankee Candle, 503 Broadway.
* Yankee Candle has opened its first experiential pop-up shop, CandlePower by Yankee Candle, in New York City.
"Twenty-five million candlepower," one of the men said, holding up an LED lithium-ion rechargeable spotlight.
It's not clear whether this establishment is skimping on candlepower or the dark, decades-old wall paneling simply absorbs eight out of every 10 watts.
"Our searchlights are rated at 12-million candlepower with a motorized beam width adjustment and a strobe," said Annie Thorne, director of sales and marketing.
The Russians had 140 units stationed 200 yards apart producing 100 billion candlepower -it blinded both sides.
Illuminance is candlepower divided by distance squared.
Clockwise from left, the searchlight crew with their trophy, the fin of the Heinkel; a 200 million candlepower searchlight probes the night sky; and the wrecked Heinkel being guarded by two members of the Home Guard on the morning of May 11, 1941 PICTURES COURTESY OF THE EARLSWOOD VILLAGE MUSEUM