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One definite exception is the clan Tiwa Feo ('Gathered Candlenuts').
To the west, across the Alas, rises the mountainous rainforest of the National Park (GLNP), and to the east lies the Serbolangit Protection Forest, an area that has now been turned largely into candlenut gardens.
Asep Suhendar, a senior chef at Dapoer Kita, another Karama Indonesian restaurant, adds, "The most commonly used spices and ingredients in Indonesian food are chilli, onion, garlic, lemongrass, galangal, ginger, turmeric, coconut milk, sweet soy sauce, candlenut and anchovy paste."
Native's Peranakan cocktail, a tribute to the Chinese-Malay culture in Singapore: Clarified milk punch of jackfruit rum, laksa leaves, goat's milk, and candlenut Hotel Intercontinental Singapore Rooms are fashioned in a modern Peranakan color palette, and the Club Lounge a Peranakan living room offers complimentary afternoon tea and evening cocktails.
He has a stuffed baby squid bakar that comes with a candlenut turmeric broth; a kurobota pork curry with pumpkin; and a chendol made of shaved young coconut ice, pandan jelly and coconut konnyaku-classic Peranakan dishes that have been made more refined with Lee's style.
The result showsed that the largest surface runoff amounted from non-agroforestry land use type (10-year-old pure cocoa) by 72.674 liters/ha, followed by teak tree-and cocoa based agroforestry system aged 10 years old amounting to 59.815 liters/ha and the smallest is Candlenut tree-and cocoa-based agroforestry system aged 10 years old by 45.983 liters/ha.
Along the way to Rainbow Falls he pointed out breadfruit trees and kukui, or candlenut trees, the state tree of Hawaii.
Exotic because the Maranaos use a lot of ingredients, such as candlenut, turmeric, cassia leaves and lots of coconut milk that are seldom used in my Tagalog-Manila household.
If your tastes run a little more towards fine dining, try Candlenut - the world's first Michelin-starred Peranakan (Chinese and Malayinspired) restaurant.
For Malcolm Lee, 32, chef and owner of Candlenut, he couldn't imagine a more exciting era to cook.
But the meal of the week - and easily among the top 10 of my life - was at the Peranakan family-run restaurant Candlenut in New Bridge Road.
On the heiau, as a ho'okupu (gift), it was meant to represent enlightenment and knowledge that comes in Lono's form of the kukui, or candlenut, which traditionally would have been lit as the torch held at a vigil such as the one Kahu Mikahala carried out.
Other food crops fronted for biofuel in Uganda include soybeans, corn, sugarcane and candlenut seed [46].
These phospholipids have been reported as the main phospholipid component of coconut, sesame, and candlenut endosperm [16] which produced liposomes and planar bilayer during aggregation [2].