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The roasted kernel of the kukui, or candlenut, called ina-mona, is a delicacy that only a Hawaiian can appreciate.
While some of the ingredients needed were available in Oman, Chef Ketut did have to bring some more speciality items such as the candlenut - a type of nut often used to thicken curries - and the base wangen - a mixture of spices only found in traditional Bali markets, which gives the food a very
Furthermore, cooking demonstrations were conducted by renowned local chefs such as Chef Malcolm Lee from Candlenut Kitchen, Chef Willin Low from Wild Rocket and culinary authorities such as Peranakan and Eurasian Chef Damian D'Silva.
The Takitumu Conservation Area, a hilly, 380-acre tropical forest, is home to tree hibiscus, which has heart-shaped leaves and large red flowers that turn yellow at night, candlenut trees (appropriately named for the oily nuts traditionally burned for light) and the Polynesian Chestnut, which provides the main ingredient of a national dish.
While we are the first to ask for continued and indeed more intensive pollen analysis from Hawai'i, such indications as the seed cases of candlenut (Aleurites moluccana), a probable Polynesian floral introduction, in early deposits in Kahana Valley, O'ahu (Beggerly 1990), might suggest that more work in that locality is warranted.
HAWAII: candlenut (Aleurites moluccana)--kukui, designated in 1959.
Named for the kukui or candlenut torches that once guided fishermen back home to Kaua'i, the 1,000-acre Kukui'ula community includes a collection of custom ocean view homesites and Hawaiian plantation-style cottages.
Yogjakarta's traditional dish, made of unripe jackfruit boiled for several hours in coconut milk and palm sugar and spiced with teak and bay leaves, coriander seed, candlenut, garlic and other unheard of spices.
According to their origin myth, Tiwa Feo people are so named, and are prohibited from burning Candlenut (Feo) wood or using it as timber, not because they came originally from a place named 'Candlenut' (although there are indeed places of this name on Flores Island) but because their ancestors were transformed from candlenuts gathered by a childless ancestral couple.